Two Kinds And Teenage Wasteland Research Essay

Two Kinds And Teenage Wasteland Essay, Research Paper

The narratives? Two Kinds? by Amy Tan and? Teenage Wasteland? by Anne Tyler

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have many similarities, yet are different in many ways. Both of these narratives

incorporate a struggle between parental figures and their kids. The struggle in

? Teenage Wasteland? involves Donny and his two parents, Daisy and Matt. They

desire Donny to win in school, both gradewise and socially. Donny, on the

other manus, has a difficult clip in school whether it be because he doesn? t tantrum in

or because he doesn? t apply himself. Donny? s parents want him to be the

mean? all American? child and they try their best to acquire Donny to suit into

this channel. Donny? s parents even go every bit far as engaging a coach for him three

times a hebdomad to assist Donny acquire back on path. Nikan has a similar state of affairs in

? Two Kinds? where a female parent expects her girl to suit a certain type a

individual that she doesn? T want to be. Nikan female parent wants her to hold some

particular endowment that sets her apart from other childs her age. Nikan on the other

manus merely wants to be herself and nil more. Trying to move like a kid

prodigy or a piano player merely didn? t entreaty to Nikan. Her ma was relentless

though in seeking to conform her girl into both of these things. These two

narratives are besides similar in that they both contain letdowns. This

letdown in? Teenage Wasteland? by Donny is when he runs off at the

terminal of the narrative. His parents tried and tried to assist Donny and supply as much

as they could for him merely to happen out that he ran off and most probably will non

come back. Donny? s ma and pa are involved in Donny? s life every bit much as they

can, merely to hold their boy fail in the terminal. With Donny seeing Cal on a regular basis,

his parents though he was bettering, but in world, he wasn? t acquiring much

aid from Cal. He was fundamentally merely holding a good clip three times a hebdomad with

no parental supervising. Cal was, for the most portion, merely a good friend to Donny

and was person whom with Donny have fun with. This finally led to both

parents being disappointed in Donny after he leaves place. The same sort of

letdown was experienced by Nikan? s ma by her girl. Nikan? s ma

spent a batch of clip and work seeking to acquire her to larn Ho

tungsten to play the piano.

Her ma though that Nikan was making great with the piano. She was practising

mundane and shortly she was to be in a endowment show. Her ma was looking frontward to

the show so she would hold something to boast about to her friends.

Unfortunately, Nikan truly blew the endowment show. For some ground she though she

was as if by magic traveling to execute cleanly when called on at the show but she did

merely the opposite. Nikan? s ma was highly defeated. Like Donny? s

parents, she had put a batch of clip and attempt into something that she thought

would assist her kid, merely to be let down by her girl. Another similarity

between? Two Kinds? and? Teenage Wasteland? are the two childs, Nikan and

Donny, regard towards their parents. The both show really small regard to them.

The state of affairs at the terminal of? Two Kinds? where Nikan says that she wished

that her wasn? t her female parent? s girl and furthermore wants that she was

ne’er born like her other sisters was highly disrespectful. A kid should

ne’er talk in that mode to their parents no affair how disquieted. This was a

turning point in both of their lives. The female parent, being astounded at what her

girl said looks at her as a different individual from so on, and it seemed

harder for Nikan to speak face to face with her female parent from so on. Donny, in

? Teenage Wasteland? shows complete discourtesy for his parents throughout the

narrative. His parents are making all they can to seek and assist Donny, but he ne’er

puts forth the attempt to assist himself. He was acquiring into problem as school,

hardly acquiring go throughing classs, and jumping school. When his parents asked him

approximately where he was traveling, Donny got an attitude. Even after Donny? s parents

paid for a coach, Donny still would non state them what was traveling on in his life

or even how we was making in school. This information was ever given to them by

the school module. His parents had to be embarrassed in forepart of instructors and

the rule many times. This seems really disrespectful on Donny? s portion for

them to hold to run into with the school to discourse his misbehaviour. Both Donny and

Nikan caused a enormous sum of hurting a agony in their parent? s lives.

They were both disrespectful and ungrateful towards their parents.


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