Twilight ReviewBella Swan Essay

The twilight movie is a romantic vampire film made in the year 2008. It was directed by Catherine Hardwicke and the film stars are Kristen Stewart, Robert Patterson and Tyler lautner. The movie was based on the novel of Stephanie Meyer both movie and book have the same name. This is the first film in The Twilight Saga film series. Twilight mainly focuses on the development of the relationship between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen which is a vampire. Another main detail is that Edward and his family the Cullen’s tries their best to keep Bella safe from evil vampires.This story shows that anyone can fall in love and it shows how far someone will go to protect someone they love. In the movie Bella moves with her father to a small town called Forks.

She is right away fascinated by the very mysterious Cullen family. Bella ends up having Edward in a class but he seems to be disgusted by her; but in the next few days he end up saving her from getting hit by a car by pushing it away with his hand. He never wanted to explain how he did that which made her curious so she did research and finds out that he is a vampire.Bella confronts him about it and he admits to it and they both fall in love with each other, so Edward decides to take her out to play baseball with his family. Soon after three other vampires show up and one of them named James is interested in Bella and wants to hunt her down just for a sport.

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Edward and his family risk their lives to protect her, but James finds out where Bella is hiding and lures her into a trap by saying he has her mother. After Bella is attacked and bitten by James but the Cullen’s arrive before he can actually kill her.James ends up getting killed and Edward sucks out the venom from Bella so she doesn’t become a vampire.

She ends up in the hospital to fix her broken leg but after Bella and Edward go to the school prom. While there Bella tells Edward she wants to become a vampire but he refuses to grant it. The film ends with Victoria she is secretly watching them dancing by plotting revenge for her lover James’s death.

The strengths that I find in the movie are the characters and the whole plot of the story it was thought out and carefully put together. Like for the vampire characters they have their own way of making a vampire.As in they have marble hard skin to protect themselves against any threat. Amazing strength so they can lift heavy loads and protect themselves against other vampires or werewolves. Immense speed and also they have a photographic memory some vampires also have supernatural powers. For the plot it’s wonderful it draws your attention to the story and it’s a heart racing experience that sets an intense teenage romance against the backdrop of imminent danger.

For the weaknesses I really didn’t find much because they movie was great all around.But I can say there were a few minor things that could have been better. Like for instance Edward is strong, fast, gifted, and can hear the thoughts of those around him but apart from Bella which is odd because she’s just like everyone else. As for Bella she an ordinary girl until she meets Edward her whole character just changes to suddenly and oddly. She is clumsy, shy, insecure, and easily embarrassed. She has little desire to fit in and hates to be in the spotlight.

She finds it impossible to believe that anyone as perfect as Edward could ever want to be with her.Bella puts herself way to low so all in all I’m really not fawned of her character much. Comparing both the strengths and weaknesses I find that in the movie there are more strengths that are very fascinating than weaknesses. All the strengths in the movie can make you really not notice the weak parts because it’s such a loving intense story. While you are watching the movie weaknesses wouldn’t even come up in your mind.

You would be to into the plot and honestly I can grantee that after the movie you would wonder what the next one will be about.It really lives you think and wanting more. All in the author Stephanie Meyer made one great story. There’s hardly any movies that are very romantic and has intense action especially with supernatural creatures. Just teenage love drama catches the attention of people but this movie has a teenage girl falling for a vampire which is different.

The movie is mainly all about love and shows how far someone will go to protect the one they love but it’s more than that also. Anyone can watch this movie and if you love supernatural things, like love stories and action you will love it.


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