Twetlh Night Essay

& # 8211 ; Book Report Essay, Research PaperShannon StewartPeriod 2nd12/11/00Book TalkTwelfth NightBy William Shakespeare ( 1600 )Main Fictional characters:VIOLA- The sister to Sebastian, immature, beautiful, and nobly born.ORSINO- Duke of Illyria, Olivia is the nominal object of his fondnesss, but she clearly and repeatedlyprovinces that she does non love him.OLIVIA- A countess who resembles Orsino in several ways.

Like the duke, she iswealthy, attractive, and nobly born.MALVOLIO- Steward to Olivia, belongs to the servant category and he steadfastly believes that he is better than those he serves are.Minor Fictional characters:SIR TOBY BELCH- Uncle to Olivia spends every dark and most yearss acquiring rummy and seems wholly unconcerned with what anybody thinks of him.

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SIR ANDREW AGUECHEEK- is conceited and frequently chesty, & # 8220 ; naturals & # 8221 ; sap and is entertaining inmalice of himself.Settings:ILLYRIA- Illyria & # 8217 ; s seashore allows Viola and Sebastian to be washed ashore.12th Night- the Twelfth Day of the Christmas seasons, a traditional clip for masks and revels.OLIVIA & # 8217 ; S RESIDENCE- The cardinal portion of the narrative is centered on her family.Plot:Orsino, the duke of Illyria, is impotently in love with the Countess Olivia. She, nevertheless, refuses to return his fondnesss, preferring alternatively to mourn her dead brother. A shipwreck throws a alien, Viola, onto the shore of Illyria and into the center of this state of affairs. She believes her brother was drowned in the same shipwreck.

She disguises herself as a male child, calls herself Cesario, and nowadayss herself to Duke Orsino. He instantly takes a liking to this & # 8220 ; boy & # 8221 ; and sends & # 8220 ; him & # 8221 ; as a courier to Olivia. Viola/Cesario does whatOrsino asks, butshe has a problem- she has fallen in love with Orsino herself!Symbols and Mentions:FESTE- symbolizes the buffoon or allowed sap for Olivia. He is truly wise and he has a position that the others all deficiency.

Feste accurately evaluates the behaviour of those around him.SHAKESPHERE & # 8217 ; S ILLYRIA- an existent Illyria on the seashore of the Adriatic. Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s Illyria is a fairy-tale land populated with dukes, ladies, knights, and fools.

You ne’er run into any & # 8220 ; mean & # 8221 ; citizens.All the characters are either Lords or retainers.Manner:The characters in Twelfth Night speak the linguistic communication of love-poetry. They seem less concerned with what they have to state than with how attractively they express it.

Even the characters who speak in proseattempt to take the most beautiful image.Subject:Many elements of subject arise with the drama. Subjects such as Self- Deception, Appearance verses Reality, Love Madness, and Danger of Vanity. Each covering with the different secret plan maps and environing doctrines of the drama.Quotation marks:1. ) & # 8220 ; O, you are ill of amour propre, Malvolio, and gustatory sensation with a distempered appetite. & # 8221 ; & # 8211 ; Olivia ( Act I, ScV ) Lines ( 90-91 ) She knows that Malvolio is covetous of anybody who is considered clever.

2. ) & # 8220 ; But died your sister of her love, my male child? & # 8221 ; – Orsino ( Act II, Sc IV ) Line ( 120 ) seeking to turn out that adult females can non love every bit profoundly as work forces.3. ) & # 8220 ; You do believe you are non what you are, & # 8221 ; – Viola ( Act III, Sc I ) Line ( 141 ) She tells Olivia that she may believe that she & # 8217 ; s in love but truly she isn & # 8217 ; T.4. ) & # 8220 ; Will you help- an ass-head and a cockscomb and a knave- a thin-faced rogue, a chump? & # 8221 ; – Sir Toby ( Act V, Sc. I ) Line ( 206-207 ) Toby is intoxicated and he seemingly been pushed to the breakage point, because he becomes honest.BibliographyCliff Notes/ Own personal mentions and cognition


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