Twelve Angry Men Essay Research Paper May

Twelve Angry Men Essay, Research Paper

May 20, 1999

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Twelve Angry Men

In the movie Twelve Angry Men, I believe justness was served. Without juryman figure eight, nevertheless, the result most assuredly would hold been different. The elusive force and assurance that he displayed allowed the narrow heads of the other 11 jurymans to be broadened.

From the beginning of the movie, juryman figure eight displayed his involvement in the instance, non his personal battles. His opening portion by the window foreshadowed his deep concern for the suspect, an 18 year-old Hispanic gentleman accused of knifing his male parent in a tantrum of fury. While most of the jurymans were ready to go forth so as non to further disrupt their agendas, Henry Fonda was willing to give as much clip as it would take to analyse this apparently simple determination.

The jurymans took a ballot and saw the ratio at eleven for guilty and merely one for non guilty. When they repeatedly attacked his point of position, his get downing defence was that the male child was guiltless until proven guilty, non the antonym as the others had seen it. After Henry Fonda instilled uncertainty in the head of another juryman, the two worked together to weaken the barriers of hatred and bias that prevented them from seeing the truth. The jurymans changed their heads one at a clip until the ratio stood once more at eleven to one, this clip in favour of acquittal. At this point, the jurymans who believed the suspect was non guilty worked together to turn out to the on

vitamin E opposing adult male that justness would merely be found if they returned a finding of fact of non guilty. They proved this adult male incorrect by utilizing his personal experiences in life to pull him into a series of deathly contradictions.

I do non believe that most juries today are as concerned with the destiny of the accused. Most people today lack a sense of concern for people and things that do non straight impact them. This, compounded by a dislocation in the spiritual and moral codification that should be present, is the primary ground for the failure of the condemnable justness system. Juries today fail to adequately measure the instance, alternatively concentrating on racial biass much like the one juryman in the film. The line & # 8220 ; They can & # 8217 ; t assist it, it is merely who they are, & # 8221 ; depicting the full Hispanic population, shows striking resemblance to the inequality issues we face today. It seems highly hard for any individual with the strong strong beliefs that Henry Fonda carried to keep their land against a group. The feeling of going an friendless panics excessively many people into conforming to an easy determination made non on truth, but on apathy. I think that in today & # 8217 ; s society people are much less likely to be concerned for the public assistance of people that they do non cognize. The truth is frequently masked in a web of unimportant statements that are used in a courtroom to deflect jurymans. The councils make the premise that the jurymans are non competent, and can non see what truly happened. Although this is incorrect, the aforesaid apathy is why nil is done about this issue.


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