TURKEY growth, they welcome new investors to

TURKEY TRADE AND ECONOMIC SITUATION Turkey one of the emerging economy in the world, Turkey shows a strong economic growth in the past years, location of the turkey is a main factor turkey located both Europe and Asia because of that turkey regarded as the bridge between east and west which help for creating good trade relation with countries in Asia and Europe, Turkey planning to adapt new strategies on their transpiration services and their location is the main advantage they can easily increase domestic airline services as well as international, that plans offer many opportunities to the transportation equipment manufactures and turkey welcoming foreign investors..POLITICAL SITUATIONTurkey is a secular democracy with majority of Muslim population, first presidential election happen in turkey in 2014 and new president elected, now Turkish government implement new strategies for infrastructure development and economic growth, they welcome new investors to turkey for the growth of Gross domestic production and improvement in  infrastructure facilities, in addition to that Turkish government encourage investors who are fulfill their needs and wants in economic development, infrastructure facilities and transportation so that turkey is a best destination for a country like bombardier.

LEGAL AND REGULATORY SITUATION Legal and regulatory situation in turkey is very favourable to the foreign investors, Turkish government provide various tax and non-tax incentives to the foreign investors and Turkish legal frame work treat equally both domestic and international investor, foreign investment is unrestricted with no pre-entry screening requirements, Turkish law very favourable for the currency exchange with lack of trade barriers, new Turkish rules which passed last year is very transparent and friendly for the investors. SOCIAL AND CULTURAL FORCES Turkey is unique with its culture, beliefs and values. Turkey society is patriotic and proud of its ancestry and achievements. The rapid modernization of the country, combined with its traditional values, makes Turkey a fascinating market for foreign businesses but requires an understanding of its cultural designs in order to secure the future business success.  FACTS Turkey – The official name is Republic of Turkey. The capital of turkey is Ankara. The languages are Turkish, Kurdish and Arabic, and the currency is Turkish Lira.

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Turkey is an associate member of the European Union, and is undergoing many changes in order to strengthen its democracy and integrate its economy into a more global field.  IMPLICATIONS FOR MARKETING STRATEGY Turkey’s economy is a dynamic blend of both modern and traditional industries, with an increasing strong private sector. Turkey’s geographical position offers an excellent base for economic activities throughout the region and is emerging as a powerful cultural and political focal point.

Such an increasingly attractive business environment presents many advantages and potential opportunities to businesses wishing to expand in this area of the world.Any market entry strategy with Turkey should begin with a throughout understanding of the costs and benefits of the doing business with the country. For many companies, representation in Turkey by a Turkish agent, distributor, liaison office or partner will be key to their success.  The local partner can provide knowledge of the local regulatory framework, language assistance, and valuable business contacts.  As business develops, companies may open subsidiaries and make further local investments to expand their market share. The situation with respect to other environmental variablesTurkey’s diverse regions have different climates, with the weather systems on the coasts contrasting with that prevailing in the sector.

Generally, rainfall is less in the East.  One of the natural hazards which occurred was a severe earth quake which occurred on August 17, 1999, killing more than 17,000 and injuring almost 44,000 people. QATAR TRADE AND ECONOMIC SITUATION Qatar is one of the fast-growing economy in the world and major drivers of Qatar economy is their oil and gas industry, Gross domestic production rate is pretty high in Qatar when compare to their past decades and upgrading infrastructure facilities of Qatar make it favourite destination for overseas investors, trade regulations in Qatar are very favourable to the investors.

Qatar spending large portion of their revenue for the development of infrastructure facilities and transportation, in that sectors many opportunities for the new investors a company like bombardier Qatar is the best destination for start their business.POLITICAL SITUATIONQatar is not a democratic country but its politically stable and there is freedom of speech and the country does not have a totalitarian system, the country its self have unique constitution and regulations which offer people the right of speech, Qatar grow dramatically from one of the poorest gulf state to richest gulf country and foreign investment and oil industry is the backbone of Qatar economy and now they mainly focus on infrastructure facilities and transportation, in 2022 FIFA world cup is going to held in Qatar so they want to implement new plans in transportation so that it’s a opportunity for transportation equipment manufactures for investing in Qatar. LEGAL AND REGULATORY SITUATION Qatar is not a democratic country but they have their own rules and regulations, the legal and regulatory situations in Qatar is favourable for the foreign investors, they promote foreign investment in their country by making certain changes in their legal frame work, the ministry of Qatar is very friendly and favourable to the investors in certain sectors, transportation and infrastructure is one of them and a company like bombardier start their investment Qatar will be a great  benefit for the country and company, in those sectors government provide certain incentives in taxes and revenue. SOCIAL AND CULTURAL FORCES Globalization is impacting many aspects of life in Qatar and Qatari nationals must increasingly cope with forces generated by economic, cultural, political, and social changes in their country.

The continuing positive social and economic outcomes of modernization and development, the inevitable ongoing powerful economic and social changes in Qatar have put the country at a crossroad and created formidable cultural challenges for Qatari nationals. On the one hand, the social and economic consequences of Qatar’s development and modernization will increase the mutual dependence between Qatar and the expanding global economy and strengthen the continuing cultural contact and interconnection between Qatar and the global culture. In conjunction with the rapid economic and social changes, the country is committed in making its future path of development compatible with cultural and religious traditions of an Arab and Islamic nation in Qatar. The crucial challenge between continuing the move toward socio-economic development and preserving the Arab-Islamic tradition in Qatar. Qatar’s rapid economic and population growth have created intense strains between the old and new in almost every aspect of life.

FACTS Located in the Arabian Gulf, Qatar shares a land borders with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the south west, and is surrounded by the Arabian Sea. Qatar is a peninsular, Arab country whose terrain comprises of deserts and a long gulf shore of beaches and dunes. Doha is the capital of Qatar. The official language is Arabic and other language is English. Their religion is Islam.  IMPLICATIONS FOR MARKETING STRATEGY Marketing Strategy is to maintain or increase the market share of current products – this can be achieved by a combination of competitive pricing strategies, advertising, sales promotion and perhaps more resources dedicated to personal selling. To secure dominance of growth markets.

A market penetration marketing strategy is very much about “business as usual”. The business is focusing on markets and products it knows well. It is likely to have good information on competitors and on customer needs. It is unlikely, therefore, that this strategy will require much investment in new market research.PERU TRADE AND ECONOMIC SITUATION Peru is considered as  world’s leading emerging markets and which is a major country in Latin America, in recent years Peru shows a economic stability and which shows like in the past 14 years Peru have a uninterpreted average in annual growth and 5.6% of gross domestic production, in addition to that people in Peru are highly productive and notable with entrepreneurship, those factor make Peru an excellent destination for overseas investors, free trade is an another notable factor of Peru, in Peru more than 80% of trade is covered by free trade association and they have good trade relation with European union.

Air transport services in Peru have a great roll in economic growth, recent survey shows that number of passengers is doubling every year and this sector directly contribute in gross domestic production by high wages, taxes and creating job opportunities because of those factors Peru is good destination for transportation equipment manufactures like bombardier.POLITICAL SITUATION Peru is different from south American countries they have a post of prime minister and also have a post of president, foreign investors attracted by the Peru government and political situations, government encourage new investors with favourable conditions and they promote every environmental friendly business, Peru now implement certain plans for improving the standard of living of rural community and rural areas, that is opportunity for bombardier for providing good transportation equipment’s for Peru, they are favourable to the business which help to improve local transportation.LEGAL AND REGULATORY SITUATION Peru’s legal frame work has a key roll in its economic growth and increasing Gross domestic production, legal frame work of Peru is very clear, transparent and favour to the investors, Rules and regulations are favourable for overseas investors rather than overburdening them with regulations, legal and regulatory situations in Peru offer freedom of speech and certain rights to the foreign investors, constitution of Peru offer equal rights for Domestic and overseas investors, all area of Peru economic activity is open to foreign investors and every one have the right to use and possess foreign currency.

SOCIAL AND CULTURAL FORCES Peru’s culture is a set of beliefs, customs and way of life inherited from the native Incas, Spanish conquistadors and settlers. Immigrant groups such as Africans, Japanese, Chinese and Europeans have also contributed to the society, blend of cultures and ways in which Peruvians live. Whatever their ethnic background Peruvians agree on the importance of family and religion. In many cases generations of a family live together where the younger look after the elderly and help each other in difficult times. Peruvians express their culture through their music, literature, art forms, dance, clothing, celebrations, religion, education, sports and clothingFACTS Peru, the capital is Lima and the government type is presidential public. It is located in Western South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean, between Chile and Ecuador. The official languages are Spanish, Quichuan and Aymara.

 IMPLICATIONS FOR MARKETING STRATEGY The changed economic conditions are affecting consumer behavior and attitudes. The marketing strategies based on the understanding of the consumers are in the prosperous times. Consumers are changing their behavior in several different ways and various underlying attitudes and values govern these changes. It is critical to re-look at the consumer and refresh the understanding to fine tune the marketing strategies.The situation with respect to other environmental variablesPeru is a multicultural and megadiverse country with abundant ecosystems and natural resources and an age-old tradition of managing its resources sustainably.

The increasing pressure of the extractive industry, unplanned urbanization and deforestation are threatening both this natural heritage and the wellbeing of the Peruvian people, undermining what could be the foundations of solid long-term growth.MARKET STRUCUTRE AND COMPETETIVE ANALYSISTURKEY MARKET FACTS AND IMPLICATIONSWhen compared to the countries in Europe and the Middle East, Turkey has always been a place with long term opportunities for Western countries.  Turkey’s fast growing economy, favorable geographical position, growth of the middle class, youth population around the age of 29, and dynamic class of entrepreneurs have made Turkey a rapid growing market for exporters. Over 1,400 firms from the US, are active highly active in Turkey which have established regional headquarters.  However, Turkey has a variety of challenges to do business, including complex and unstable  political environment, a complex bureaucracy and conditions in government procurements, including increasing localization requirements, a judicial system which is unpredictable, weak law, terrorist attacks, fluctuations in the public and private sector and market access barriers across all sectors .Since the last decade, Turkey’s economy has shown 5% growth, raise in GDP per capita from $3,000 to $11,000.  This economic growth is a result by a massive $250 billion investment in infrastructural projects.Looking at the rapid growth of the Turkish economy ,one can easily say that it is good option for us to enter their market but at the same time ,the Turkish market has its own drawbacks like the employment, recent political instability etc.

Hence it can be seen that the this market is favorable up to an extend but we may look for a market which be even better.QATAR MARKET FACTS AND IMPLICATIONS         Qatar is a diverse and dynamic market despite regional instability and some risks in their global market, which also includes the fall in energy prices. With exports from the US to Qatar going about $5 billion in the past year, the U.S.

companies performed well in the market majorly recognized in aviation, defense and the infrastructure. In the past year that is 2016, the economy continued to grow rapidly, having a GDP growth rate of 3.7% over 2015  even after the fluctuations in oil prices, regional conflict, and a the increase in budget deficit, approximately of 5.4% of GDP.  It is also expected to see such growth in the future, with a fall in budget deficit in the year 2018.  The total government spending was around $35 billion, including a majority of the recognized projects focusing on the development of ports and other infrastructure.       The very fact that Qatar even after being a small country had the ability to survive  the unrest and banning from other countries and still continued to grow in terms of it’s GDP and per capita of the country is a proof in itself that this is potential country to be considered when planning to expand abroad.

The country as said above is willing to invest billions in its infrastructure, defense and other important sectors. This can also be a benefit to our company.PERU MARKET FACTS AND IMPLICATIONS The fact says that Peru is the fast-growing economy among the Latin American region. (Export.

gov,11 November 2017) Between the years of 2005 and 2016 it had a growth rate of 5.7 % and In 2016 the economy rose to 3.9% and its been forecasted that in 2017 it would go up till 2.7%. Many other foreign companies are about to dive into countries market on seeing its robust growth and the government support in free trade.  Peru’s currency “sol” is one of the volatile currencies than all other Latin currencies in pervious years. (Export.

gov,11 November 2017) The country ranked 52 among 190 countries surveyed by world bank in insight of ease in doing business. Statistics says that poverty had been reduced nearly 50 % of Peru when we look back through the previous decade. Report indicates that initiatives like fresh business, construction and obtaining capital is quite easy than in other Latin countries.

In addition to this the trade agreements the country had involved would benefit the business. and the robust growth of its market implies that new ventures are welcomed. On observing the statistical view form the above information Peru is worth to business.FACTORS AFFECTING MARKET SIZE AND GROWTHTURKEYBeing in between Europe and the Middle East, Turkey provides great and long-term opportunities for American Firms.

The geographic location of turkey making it more advantageous for expanding its business opportunities. The youthful population of the country is its power. (Export.gov, 8 August 2017) Unlike Other countries turkey has its own complex business market and sometimes turbulent politics for instance since July 2017, the country’s legal framework is suspended by the state of emergency which turns out to be uncertain for investors. For decades US and Turkey is enjoying good relationship in terms of military and political relations. QATARAfter 2016, Qatar set up its political, economic and commercial relationship to Stronger than even before.

Firms in Qatar performs their major role in Aviation, Infrastructure and Defense. (8 August 2017) Ironically The Neighborhood countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates all broke their Diplomatic Relationships with Qatar, Though the country’s economy shows its growth in fiscal year 2016 at the rate of 3.7% increase in GDP when comparing to its previous year. Qatar’s investment authority committed to invest an additional $10 billion for infrastructure on US. Qatar makes record breaking Trades with US all the time.

Qatar is now focusing to establish various sources of imports which might offer worthy opportunities for American suppliers.PERUThe monetary authority of the country have diminished the country’s risk on deflation of it economy for recent years. The country’s rapid expansion in recent years turned the focus of its government to the economy. (Export.gov, 23 October 2017) import and export recorded as $36.8 billion and $35.1 billion, respectively. To the surprise over 60% of exports done is on country’s minerals.

The recent news conveys that Peru had immersed itself more into agricultural products manufacturing. So it is doubtful that how people over can welcome an MNE which manufactures engines and aircraft parts. Omkars owrkRECOMMENDATION QATAR    After our research, we have chosen Qatar as a country for Bombardier to step into. Qatar is a middle eastern country but it also houses a variety of culture and has high potential for doing business.

It’s economy is fast paced and ever growing. Qatar has also invested highly in it’s infrastructural development which is a positive thing for Bombardier as it requires infrastructural setup to build it’s ports , service centers etc. Since it’s economy is raising at a lightening speed and it’s resources are growing by each day, Qatar can serve as a solid market for Bombardier.Peru and Turkey were the other options but they do not offer as many advantages as Qatar does.

The fact that Qatar has strong contingency plans to tackle any difficult situations that it may face is an indication that doing business with such a country can ensure our survival in the long run.


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