Turkey Essay Research Paper Turkey 65599206 population

Turkey Essay, Research Paper

Turkey, 65,599,206

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population, is a democracy in Asia and a

little portion of southerneastern Europe.

It? s lying between the Black Sea and

the Mediterranean Sea. Meleagris gallopavo is

cragged, coastol field somewhat

larger than Texas. The conditions is

hot and dry in the summer with mild

wet winters. The people areTurks.

They speak the Turkish linguistic communication,

Kurdish and Arabic. The authorities

is republician parliamentary

democracy, with a president ; head of

province caput of authorities, the premier

curate ; the cabinet, the Council of

Curates appointed by the presiednt ;

they do hold a National Security

Council that avise the Presiednt and

the cabinet, similar to our

authorities. The economic system is a assorted

system. It? s most of import export is

fabrics and vesture. The faith is

Muslim. The Koran is their holly

Bible that they live by. Their

instruction system is bettering with a

modern school system to convey

literacy to the Turks. The artistic

tradition has given manner to a move

western orientation. They are really

proud and difficult woking people. The

work forces are the superior over the adult females.

Turkey is a really growth and

bettering state.


The authorities of Turkey

fluctuated undermentioned World War I.

The Allied power and Greece wanted

the state for themselves. This led

to the Turkish War of Independence.

On October 29, 1923, the Turkish

Republic was formed. The Allies and

Greece failed at what they where

seeking to try. After the war, the

Turkish people abolished the spiritual

tribunals. They where free to warship

in anyhow they pleased. Because of

the war adult females gained the right to

ballot to vote.

In 1946, the multiparty epoch

began. A military junta seized power

and governed from 1960 to 1961. In

1961, a new fundamental law was ratified,

and elections began. The 70? s were a

clip of political force and economic

uncertainness. Because of this, in 1980

a 2nd junta was formed, which

instituted soldierly jurisprudence and abolished

all political parties. The 2nd junta

was dissolved because of a new

fundamental law, adopted in 1982.

Turkey so became a republican

parliamentary democracy.

The state of Turkey is a

democracy led by an elective president,

which is similar to our state.

Their president is H. E. Ahmet

Necdet Sezer. He is the commander-

in- head of the armed forces, he is

presiding officer at cabinet meetings,

and the caput of province. The Executive

subdivision is made up of the head of

province, which is President Ahmet

Necdet Sezer ; the caput of authorities

is Prime Minister Bulent, who

represents the bulk party or

alliance in Parliament. The cabinet

consist of Council of Ministers

appointed by the President. The

cabinet members are nominated by the

Prime Minister and elected by the

President. The President of Turkey

is elected by the Grand National

Assembly for a seven twelvemonth term. All

citizens over 20 old ages old are entitled

to vote. The legislatue of the state

is the Grand National Assembly,

which is the Parliament of Turkey.

They have the power to do Torahs,

ratify pacts, and declare war. But

unlike our Congress they are an

unicameral legislative assembly. This means

that they merely have one house of

legislative assembly. The Grand National

Assembly consist of two Chamberss,

the National Assembly and the

Senate. The National Assembly

consist of 450 members, who are

elected for 4 twelvemonth footings by the people.

The Senate has 150 members, plus 40

others who are non elected, but

appointed as members for life. The

elections were last held April 18,

1999. The seats held by varies

parties are capable to alter due to

desertions, creative activity of new parties,

and ejector or decease of sitting

deputies, as of January 1, 1999.

They receive their power from the

Fundamental law of 1982. The Assembly

is headed by the Prime Minister,

Bulent Ecevit.

Parliament in Turkey? s

electoral system are elected harmonizing

to the proportion of ballots they

attract, instead so with the most

ballots won. A party needs 10 % of the

national ballot before it can be

considered for a place in Parliament.

And a party must win 25 % of the ballot

in a four- place constituency, 33 % in a

three- place constituency. The consequence

is that three parties dominate,

Motherland Party, the True Path

Party, and the Social Democrat

Populist Party. The administrative

divisions, local authorities is made

up of 80 states which are

administered by governors

stand foring the cardinal authorities.

The local authoritiess elect their ain

city managers and councils. base on ballss Torahs in

a some what similar manner to our

Congress. First the measure passes

through the legislative assembly and to the

President. The judicial subdivision

consist of a Constitutional Court,

which examines the constitutionality

of Torahs passed by Parliament. The

Judgess of the tribunal are appointed by

the President. Court of Appeals,

Judgess are elected by Supreme Council

of Judges and Prosecutors. The concluding

tribunal of entreaty is known as the tribunal

of cassation.


The economic system of Turkey is a

complex assorted system. There are

traditional small town agribusiness and

trades, modern industry, and

commercialism. Agribusiness is the

anchor of the Turkish economic system. It

one time provided all the major exports.

Now, it provides merely half of what it

usage to. The major agricultural

merchandises are cotton, baccy, fruit,

cereals, nuts, and opium. It has a

strong turning private sector, but the

province still has a major function in

industry, banking, conveyance, and


The people of Turkey are really

difficult workers. They are fishermen,

mineworkers, and husbandmans. The chief

beginnings of employment are in occupations

such as ship edifice, cars,

pharmaceuticals, and machine parts.

The industries of Turkey are dispersed

across a huge field of merchandises.

Turkey is the largest exporter in

fabrics and vesture, which is about

all in private custodies. They lead in

fabrication processed nutrient, refined

crude oil, Fe, cement, steel, and

chemicals. Coal, Cr, and

Cu are mined. Tourism is really

of import to their national economic system.

The Turkish society relates to

ours in that they are into competitory

capitalist economy. The modern workers in

ship building paces or pharmaceutical

workss are welling to work merely as

hard for good wage as we are in the



In Turkey basic wellness attention is

provided, but it doesn? t meet the

states demands. In some parts of the

state installations are modern and

satisfactory, but in other topographic points,

installations are ill equipped.


Turkey is full of 1000000s of

people. To be precise, there are

65,599,206 people in Turkey. The

avergae polulation denseness is about 80

individual per sq kilometer ( about 206 per sq

myocardial infarction ) About 69 per centum of the people

lived in urban countries in the mid-1990s,

R / & gt ;

compared with approximately 21 per centum in

1950. The highest population

concentrations were in Istanbul and

in coastal parts. The

official linguistic communication is Turkish and

minor linguistic communications are Kurdish and

Arabic. And about 98 % of these

people are Muslims. The people are

called Turks. The Turks are

descends from the Tatars. The Laz

and Hemsin are cultural Turks. They

unrecorded chiefly along the eastern seashore of

the Black Sea. Kurds, cultural group

live in an country called Kurdistan.

The Muslim faith plays an

of import function in the life of the

Turkish people. Throughout their

lives, Muslims strive to populate the five

pillars of Islam: profession Allah? s

name and Muhammad? s function as

prophesier ; fasting during the sanctum

month of Ramazan ; giving assistance to the

hapless ; doing a pilgrim’s journey to

Makkah, Saudi Arabia ; and praying

daily at five specific times.

Ramazan is the 9th month

on the Muslim lunar calendar. Turks

fast for the full month. At the terminal

of Ramazan they eat Sweets for three

yearss. Those three yearss are called

Seker Bayrami, which means sugar

vacation. Another vacation is Kurban

Bayrami, which means forfeit

vacation. It symbolize the Muslim

pilgrim’s journey to Makkah and the

willingness of Abraham? s to give

his boy. On that vacation an animate being is

normally sacrificed.

The Koran is the Bible to the

Moslems. They believe the book

contains the words of Allah as

dictated to the Prophet Mohammed

and Arabic and through Arch Angel

Gabriel. The Koran is so of import to

them no 1 is allowed to knock or

inquiry it. Muslims believe that the

Koran is untranslatable. There are

114 chapters known as surbs, that

tough on many facets of societal life as

good. Mosque is where the Muslim

war vessel. Inside the Mosque the

words of the first pillar of Islam is

found painted on the wall. The

Mosque are frequently brilliantly decorated

on the outside with strings of coloured

visible radiations that sometime spell out


The Turkish nuptials is a

short ceremonial in the metropolis hall, so a

private response with nutrient, drink,

and music. In the state side a

matrimony is debated and bargained

over for a long clip by both parents.

The old pattern of paying a bride

monetary value has non died out.

In Turkey, like in the United

States, people meet and greet each

other all twenty-four hours. But in little small towns in

Turkey a individual could travel to another

individual? s house uninvited. Relatives,

neighbours, and friends visit each other

all the clip. But unlike in the U.S. ,

you are ever welcomed in, and

offered nutrient and drink. But you

would hold to take your places and

put on slippers. It would be

considered impolite to turn down their

offering. The first clip you go to a

individual? s place in Turkey, you are

expected to convey a gift. If you did non

conveying a gift that would be considered

rude, but they would still allow you into

their place.

Turkish people eat breakfast

7:00 a.m. or before. Lunch is eaten at

12:00 p.m. and dinner around 7:00

p.m. Dinner in Turkey is their chief

repast of the twenty-four hours. Families eat together

around their kitchen tabular array. The

general manner of feeding is with the fork

in the left manus, and the knife in the

right manus. Before eating, they may

state Afiyet Olsun, which means, ? May

what you eat conveying you good being. ?

The typical Turkish citizen

wears western- manner vesture.

Younger people like European manner

more. Some Muslim adult females wear

scarf to cover their hair. But in

schools adult females can non have on a scarf.

The humanistic disciplines combine traditional

Turkish subjects with Western manners.

Radio and t.v. broadcast medium has

removed much of the isolation of rural


Soccer is a large thing for the

Turkish people? s amusement.

They love the game. If I went to

Turkey I would be playing some of

the something? s I play here in the

provinces. For intense, football,

volleyball, hoops, cycling, and

swimming. But there are some games

that I do non play in the U.S. , like

lubricating oil wrestle. I would besides hold to

larn how to folk dance.

The tradition in Turkish

civilization Faber work forces over adult females.

Chiefly because of the Islamic faith

for the Koran, their holly book allows

the work forces to hold chief married womans and male

high quality. The adult females, for merriment in

Turkey go over to each others home

and watch t.v. The work forces on the other

manus travel out to cafe houses and talk.

The household is at the bosom of the

Turks life. The repast is the most

common household jubilation. During

Seker Bayrami it is really much a

household matter, because it marks the

terminal of the spiritual month of fasting.

Particular visits are made to the eldest

member of the household, whose manus is

kissed as a grade of regard.

Turks are really proud people.

They have a high sense of national

individuality. They have a celebrated

comment, ? Biz Bize Benzeriz? ( We

resemble ourselves ) , which they

believe in 1s ain particular individuality.

It is said about the Turks, that a

Turks foremost responsibility is to be proud.


Did you know in Turkey that

merely 82 % of the population can

read and write.

Make you cognize what the highest

mountain in Turkey is called

and how high is it to the top?

The reply is Mt. Ararat it is

5,165 metres high.

Did you know that Turkey is

780,570 sq. kilometer.

Did you know that 37 % of the

state is for harvests, 26 % is for

wood, 12 % is for grazing lands, and

25 % is for other.

Did you know that the flag of

Turkey has red background with

a white cresent and a white five

pointed star.

Did you now that the capital of

Turkey is Ankara.

In Turkey when come ining a

individual? s place you must take

your places.

A 15_ month period of military

service is required of all male

citizen between ages 20 and 32.

Did you know that in Turkey

people pray five times a twenty-four hours, at

five certain times.

Did you know that merely work forces travel

to funerals.

The gyration Dervishes.

Dancers seek to accomplish a

mystical brotherhood with God.


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