Trouble in Bohemia Summary Essay

The story is all about Irene Adler’s cleverness and skill over Sherlock Holmes’ perfection in deception. Sherlock Holmes always spoke about her in a way of pride, and of course not jealousy. In Watson’s words, she was one of the few to be as clever as Sherlock Holmes himself. The main part of the story begins in Holmes’ apartment where one day a man with a foreign uniform appeared to see Holmes. In spite of his efforts to prove himself a second person, the king of Bohemia couldn’t hide his identity from the sharp eyes of Holmes.

He then, without any redo, asked Holmes’ help on a five year old incident which relates his falling in love with the beautiful American actress, Miss Irene Adler. He just became king, when his family revealed about his relation with Irene Adler and rejected soon after on account of her not being a royal blood. And as a king he had no other option but to show respect to the tradition. But now what seems to bother him is Irene Adler’s apparent love for the king for which she is interfering in the king’s marriage with a princess of a neighboring country of Bohemia.And now she is up to tell the princess about her past relation with the king.

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It seems that the king still believes in her personality, when Holmes asked the king if it was about money. But it was not as the king explains that she did not want to see the king getting married with someone other than her. And she has the letters written by the king and their photograph taken together. Holmes comes with a quick idea of proving the letters false, but the only obstacle to be faced was the photograph which cannot be proven false because they are both in that picture.Previously taken attempts failed, when the king sent police to search her house and every other ways they could search, but the result turned out to be zero.

So, it was up to Holmes to bring out the photo from its secret hiding place only known by Miss Adler. Holmes didn’t waste a single day and went on investigation the next day in a disguise of an old cab driver. What he found out tells us a surprising fact about her getting married to Mr. Godfrey Norton at that day, who seems to be her lawyer previously.

Though this information confused Holmes about whether this makes the matter simple or more complicated, he insists on finding that photograph as he was certain about its being inside her house. So, the next day Holmes prepares himself as a priest and sets off for Miss Adler’s house, briefing Watson about his duty. He pulled an old trick to enter and find out where the photo laid hidden. He intentionally became faint in front of Miss Adler’s house, when she was returning from the park.

So, she had to take him inside her house. As, directed a few minutes later Watson threw fired papers through her window on Holmes signal.When the servant screamed of fire, she did exactly what Holmes wanted her to do. She ran for her precious belonging, the photo. And with that, Holmes found out that it was a secret place in one of the walls that kept it away from every eye. It was done. So, with a satisfaction of perfection Holmes took the king of Bohemia and the police with him to Miss Adler’s house, the next day.

But surprisingly, they found out the home empty. He ran to the wall to see if the photo was still there. Of course it was but with a letter, from Miss Adler for him.

From the letter we as well as Holmes discovers that all his efforts eventually, came in notice of miss adler. She recognized him both in the cab drivers disguise and the priest’s. and more surprisingly the man addressing him on the first afternoon was her in disguise. And even holmes sharp eyes couldn’t see that.

But all these doesn’t matter to her ne more, as she is now married and away with her lawyer, who loves her like nothing and she claims that he is much better than the king. So, the photo is no more of her interst. She did those all to let holmes come to know abt the photo. That’s the story of the trouble in bohemia.


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