TRIO of theater and technology, I worked

TRIOare government effort programs in the United States intended to recognize andprovide needy service for people from disadvantaged backgrounds like me.

Beingformer refugee, I recognize refugees desperate need for talents to show withpossible solutions to their educational goals as I do. Coming from refugee background my biggest problem is to uplift the living stander of otherrefugees around the world. The need of guide for talents to show cannot be under-foreground; therefore, this scholarship and TRIO will not let it to beunder-foreground.Afterliving without hope, I am now seeking scholarship support to continue studyingBachelor level. My attentiveness in theater art and technology from my lastinginterest to uplift the refugee’s lifestyle. Appropriately, my current researchinterests in theater art and technology need an underrating of how newertechnology and theater work for refugee who does not know about it. As a Bachelor’sstudent at the University of Vermont; I plan to learn about theater technicalaspect and technologies help to uplift the refugee’s lifestyle consideringsomeone born and raised and does not have hope in refugee camp. I will bring anexceptional and genuinely needed viewpoint to my Bachelor program with the helpof TRIO.

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I will derive technological and hypothetical learning from my Bachelorprogram and help of TRIO to learn it with me to different refugee’s camp to assistmy profession objectives as a helping hand to uplift the life of many refugees.Toenlarge my hypothetical, believe of theater and technology, I worked with Surwattheater as acting teacher in Bhutanese Refugee Camp, Nepal. This not only increasemy guiding skills, but also helped to develop my skills of communication withpeople without hope like myself. Surwat theater is Bhutanese Refugee Camp’sacting organization founded by fifteen teenagers including myself. I had theresponsibility of teaching how technology can use on street drama to tackle onhuman rights and environment issues as TRIO tackle on how to help disadvantagedbackgrounds people like me to achieve their educational goal. Street drama werespread to different people among refugee camp and organizations who werehelping when I was still in camp as TRIO is help me and other people atUniversity of Vermont. As studding at UVM, I intend to develop my career toincrease refugee’s position to hope, act and use new technology for tacklinghuman right issue but without the help of TRIO I would not achieve.

I engagedin a Computer Science program at Center for Technology, Essex, where I attainedbiggest awareness on community progress through technology, art, and theaterthat will benefit refuges lifestyle. I worked with former refugee’s people inWinooski to teach them how to social media and computers and encourage them toshow their art talents. Overseeing such a task gave me extraordinary knowledgeon how straightforward activities can change lives of many refugees as it doesto me with the help of TRIO and worked I did in Winooski.TRIOwith the help of VEOP Scholarship has a awarding scholarships to disadvantagedbackgrounds people to bring knowledge and supervision capability to their communitiesand disadvantaged backgrounds people around the world.

I had done this kind thiswork however I need to proceed and with the help of VEOP Scholarship and TRIO,I can. The continues target of the Computer Science and Theater will give methe fundamental skills to tackle and improve the life style for refugees aroundthe world through technology and theater art. I thank VEOP and TRIO for timeand thought for this reputable award. 


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