Treblinka – Nazi Death Camp Essay

During World War II, there was a death camp owned by the Nazi’s located 62 miles northeast of Warsaw, in Poland. Its name was Treblinka after the nearby village not too far from Warsaw. The camp was first started in 1941 and designed for cogent labor for the criminals accused by Nazi authorities. But at the start of July 23, 1942 Treblinka would become a subdivision camp and renamed Treblinka I because another subdivision camp, only one mile from the original, would be established named Treblinka II.The camp wouldn’t be closed until October, 1943. Treblinka II was designed as an extermination camp for the start of Hitler’s Final Solution Plan. Treblinka I was the administrative complex for Treblinka II.

It never reached more than 20,000 prisoners after 1942 because all prisoners would go to Treblinka II to be expunged. Of those 20,000 most of them were casually killed or died from camp conditions. At Treblinka II, the death toll was thought to be in the astounding 700,000s in 1965.

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But over years, the Germans and guards confirmed it was more like a ridiculous death toll of 1,000,000 to 1,400,000 people (almost 800,000 of them being Jews). The ones murdered included: 265,000 from Warsaw, 112,000 others from around Warsaw District, 35,000 from Lublin District, 107,000 from the Bialystok District, 738,000 Jews who were part of the General Poland Government owned by Nazi Germany, and 337,000 from the Radom District.Some were even from out of Poland which included: 7,000 from Slovakia, 8,000 from concentration of Theresienstadt, 4,000 Jews from Greece, and 2,000 Romas. Treblinka was surely known for gassing most of the prisoners out of all camps and was a definite fear because of this label. But one of the most courageous and interesting things that occurred at Treblinka was the revolt in August in 1943.

Some 1,500 prisoners in the work fields hijacked weaponry and kerosene and burned down the camp’s buildings. 00 lucky prisoners escaped, the other 900 recaptured and, expected, gassed. But because of this revolt the haunt of the camp would cease when Commander Kurt Franz, after killing 10 Jews for every 1 escapee, would close the camp and silence a final group of 30 Jewish girls in November of 1943 and level the camps to the ground. Only 40 of the 600 escapees were confirmed lasting to the end of the war. These survivors are known to be the only survivors ever of Nazi Extermination Camp Treblinka.


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