Travel: Tourists Essay

It was not so long ago that travel was the privileged pastime of the wealthy. The poor might migrate, moving their homes from one place to another in order to live better or just to survive, but only the affluent could afford travel for sightseeing, amuse-ment, and business. Nowadays everybody could go travelling, a lot of Travel & Tourism Industry ,which provide tourism services for leisure ,business ,recreational or other purposes offer cheap vacation packages , tours or flight to almost any country and because of it the number of tourists is also always increasing.Tourism now also be a strong growth industry. Formerly the western often to go travelling to asia because of the good economic condition they had, but now the opposite is happening, Asians often to go travelling to western like Europe and south America and the Europe rarely do travelling. Asian have all grown well nowadays. Salaries are gradually rising in asia , Asia is now home to more wealthy people than all of Europe and as people who have greater disposable income and rich, their desire and ability to travel abroad increase and because of this most of tourists today are coming from Asia.

Tourists also could be classified into two groups, a good tourist and a bad tourist, a good Tourists definitely has a cultural and good personal perspectives towards the country they want to visit, conversely a bad tourists definitely hasn’t a cultural and a good personal perspectives toward the country they want to visit. This essay will explain about the tourist’s perspectives and attitudes towards the country they visit.These days a lot of Tourists go travelling without learn the language of the country they visit first , they often to think that the language is not something that really important to be learned before they go travelling. Tourists usually missed out on a lot of interesting things to see and do because they don’t have enough time to spend and because of this tourists also often don’t have time to meet the locals.As tourists they usually stay at an international hotel so they could keep using the international language without having miscommunication because they can not speak the language of that Country, and an international hotel rarely provide the local food they often only provide the international food and not a lot of tourists who have a desire to try the local food , they are more happy to eat international food provided by the hotel, although they go take a walk around that country they still choose the junkfood to eat than try the local food.Some Tourists often to don’t revisit the country they have visited because it’s too boring to visit a country they have visited before, although they have not seen a lot of things and do a lot of things in that country, they also do not know much about that country like the background of that country, the culture of that country, and there are also still many other things they do not know yet about the country , they prefer to visit another country.

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