Transexuality Case Essay

Bing a transexual is a hard state of affairs to be in. With the latest scientific research and finds. operations which alter your physical construction are now available. The handiness of this engineering limited merely to those who can afford it ; but the promise of populating the life in the gender that you wanted to be. is really alluring.

Such operation is non merely pricey but it entails a batch of demands which need to be fulfilled before undergoing any surgery. Surgery can be that of a sex alteration or other aesthetic surgeries like plastic surgery. Si implant etc. . which is more known to be popular among male transexuals.

The instance survey that will be discussed is about the experience of the late Christine Jorgensen. born George William Jorgensen. Jr. She. as he subsequently came to be after a sex alteration. was celebrated for being one of the first few who had undergone sex reassignment surgery. Turning in Bronx didn’t make him tough. He was frail. introverted and tow-headed who doesn’t like fist battles and unsmooth games. Serving in the Military after college didn’t even assist in developing his masculine attributes. His “lack of male physical development” concerned him ( Bullough 2000 ) . George. as we would ab initio name him. heard about sex reassignment surgery and got interested. He began taking ethinyl estradiol which contains the female endocrine estrogen.

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His chase of this engineering wasn’t easy. Since US refused to widen the medical aid he needed. he followed Dr. Joseph Angelo’s advice to wing to Sweden for this surgery. During his way station in Denmark. while remaining with his relations. he met Dr. Christian Hamburger. a specializer who was presently carry oning hormonal surveies and experiments. After geting permission from the Danish Minister of Justice. Dr. Hamburger. began to handle George for free.

The passage from male to female began with emasculation. so his “still underdeveloped penis” was removed the undermentioned twelvemonth ( Bullough 200 ) . Still an “It” . George receive immense dose of endocrines which enabled his organic structure to alter its contours and fat distribution. With the alterations taking topographic point. an American embassador helped him to alter his passport information from male to female. Since so. she lived a life as a adult female. As a mark of gratitude to Dr. Hamburger. he took the name Christine. the female version of Christian.

When the intelligence broke in the US. she generated so much public involvement that made her into a famous person. It seems that in those old ages. her determination and experience. although a really flooring one. didn’t pose any trouble every bit far as credence is concerned. Nothing was said about her household and friend’s reaction. merely that the remainder of America got funny of her and enterprising business communities jumped up to the chance in banking on the “commotion” that she had caused.

Apparently. her life after the remotion of his full manhood led to another phase of desiring – holding a vagina. So. Christine had a vaginoplasty where in her external genital organ was besides done to do it look more feminine. She had three surgeries for this. After the intervention and medicine. which was non mentioned. she described her experience as a “transition to muliebrity. ” This entire transmutation made her consider matrimony to a labour brotherhood statistician. John Traub. It seems that all good things must come to an terminal. because their matrimony licence was non granted. She tried to appeal the affair to no help until she decided non to prosecute it.

It could be noted that although Dr. Hamburger supported her in the first surgeries that she had. he does non hold and back up the thought of making a vagina. Clearly. Dr. Hamburger’s purposes were more focussed on gender and non on sex. Her famous person position had made her selective on her visual aspects in shows and films partially because of her problem with the Internal Revenue Service. Her new ego has caused her a batch of abuses from different people including politicians.

In the thick of the contentions and the abuses. Christine Jorgenses has someway risen up to the challenge of populating a woman’s life. Hre reaction and attitude toward her new ego made her confident that she excelled in the things that she does. Unlike her old ego. she had a wider scope of possible to research and be good at. Like printing her autobiography. shooting her life narrative. giving talks and narratives on gender and sex functions.

Christine Jorgensen’s narrative was a discovery in both scientific discipline and sociology. Despite the fact that the engineering was still immature. her operations were successful without inauspicious effects. Her experience was emancipating for both her and the society every bit far as norms. values and civilization is concerned. As a pupil. I see this engineering as a agency to heighten a individual in a manner that would profit society ; but if it will be used to lead on. ache others or simply for aesthetic grounds it should be destroyed. As a Christian. I prefer to maintain what I was given and merely happen other countries on which to do myself a better individual ; because beauty. such as in this instance. does non specify the sort of individual you are.


Bullough V. L. ( 2000 ) . “Jorgensen. Christine. ” American National Biography. American

council of Learned Societies. Oxford University Press. New York. New York.


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