Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Training at ne–bangla tv station Essay

Training at ne–bangla tv station Essay

Project Report On Training At NE–BANGLA TV Station And A Short Analysis Of The Station.

Purposes And Aims

I attended the preparation as an learner for four hebdomads at NORTH EAST MULTIMEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED i.e. NE–BANGLA Television STATION situated at NAVINA CINEMA Building at Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata from 19th October – 19th November, 2009.

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I attended the preparation plan with the following aims: –

  • To develop accomplishments as an announcer by cognizing the techniques adopted by the telecasters.
  • To derive exposure with the mechanisms and techniques of broadcast medium.
  • To larn the techniques of being a good intelligence reader.
  • To derive exposure to the steps adopted by channels to keep and better their dealingss with the general audience through advertisement and other methods.
  • To derive extra accomplishment in methods of inter-personal communicating, by sharing and interchanging thoughts and positions with the staff members and intelligence readers of NE-BANGLA.

History Of The Station

Northeast Television Networks has achieved a important milepost in revolutionising the media and amusement landscape of the eastern and north eastern parts of INDIA with the birth of NE- BANGLA telecasting channel. This is the third Television channel of the group following two really successful telecasting channels.

NE-TV NEWS is the universes merely multi-lingual 24/7 intelligence web plan which telecasts unrecorded intelligence in more than 14 linguistic communications of North Eastern India. NE-HiFi is the lone channel that broadcasts, promotes and undertakings the civilization, tradition, common people and commercial amusement of the 8th provinces of this part, which serves the local population with premium planetary and Indian amusement.Since this channel ‘s launched in 2004, the group ‘s Television Stationss dominate this fastest turning regional market in India with 100 % distribution making 40 1000000s in people.

This group besides launched the 1st FM wireless station in NORTH EASTERN INDIA, get downing with GUWAHATI RADIO OOLALA at 91.9 MHz on the FM dial and gained instant success due to the Stationss sole regional, national and international scheduling. It marks the group ‘s concluding conquering of the democrat electronic media frontier in the part. This completes the group ‘s alone monopoly of the regional viewing audiences, unlike any other regional or national group in the full state.The group dominates the Black Marias of people and concern likewise. Though there is a ample subdivision of people in Eastern India who have a direct involvement in North Eastern India this part was bereft of any intelligence channel concentrating on the NORTH EAST until the coming of NE-BANGLA.

M/S RAINBOW PRODUCTIONS LTD. with its prolific proved expertness in telecasting content production, decided to re-launch some of its landmark plans like KHAS KHABOR – a show which about translated into a family wont for the Bengalis. This plan is telecast on the channel for at least 4 – 5 times a twenty-four hours at different times. Besides this, other popular plans produced by RAINBOW during the yesteryear, which had besides achieved huge popularity within the full Bengali community viz. “SUPRABHAT” ( breakfast show ) and “MUKHO-MUKHI” were besides reintroduced. In add-on to all these landmark plans, RAINBOW PRODUCTIONS has besides produced many other popular shows of different genre on the channel which includes a day-to-day WOMEN ‘S SHOW, CRIME NEWS, SPORTS ‘ NEWS, HEALTH based shows, music based plans world shows and besides day-to-day travel shows.

Profile Of The Station

NE-BANGLA is one of the major Bengali channels runing at the same time from KOLKATA and AGARTALA. The Guwahati – based parent Company of NE TV Network ( Northeast Multi-Media ) has pioneered and championed making and determining media, documentary and amusement in the North Eastern part of our state.NE-BANGLA channel has late entered into a strategic tie – up with the largest package content manufacturers of Eastern India viz. M/S Rainbow Productions Ltd. In footings of this understanding all the Television plans of the NE–BANGLA to be aired from the KOLKATA Centre of the channel shall be produced / syndicated by RPL, KOLKATA. Rainbow Production Ltd. has besides taken full duty for distribution and selling of the NE-BANGLA channel throughout the state.

NE-BANGLA puts a particular accent on intelligence related to the seven North Eastern provinces apart from providing to the intelligence from West Bengal. It besides covers national and international intelligence like any other intelligence channel.With its peculiar focal point on the North East NE-BANGLA caters to a part which has mostly been left untouched by the major participants. Hence it ventures into a virgin sphere winning the Black Marias and concern likewise.

Areas Of Activity Of The Stati0n

Studio: –

The NE – BANGLA Television station has an sole studio for the followers:

  • Newss Reading
  • Anchoring
  • Announcing

The studio is blocked by a dual door to screen it from external sound and visible radiation. There is a glass–table which is included in a frame along with the mike. The scrolling proctor and the spectator frame are present before the intelligence reader along with the camera.

News Reporting Room

All the intelligence is collected here or brought from the bureaus or newsmans or through the cyberspace, etc. Then, the intelligence points are sorted harmonizing to their importance and divided into local, national or international intelligence.

News Library:

It is the storage of old FEED for future demand.

Tele Prompter: –

It is the scrolling proctor which has the intelligence written on it. The intelligence reader reads from it.

Copy / Desk Editing Room: –

Here, the procedure of fixing the book from the DOPE SHEET is done.

Video Editing Room: –

It is the procedure of redacting the Feed by cutting them depending upon:

  • 100 % similarity to the book.
  • How of import one intelligence point is from the others.

Nature Of Activity

The four hebdomads long on – occupation preparation plan at NE-BANGLA T.V. STATION covered the undermentioned countries of activities during the preparation period:

  • Announcing
  • Making Commentary
  • Emcing.
  • Newss Reading

V Announcing:


Announcingis one of themodes of giving information to the viewing audiences on telecasting.

It is by and large done to supply the audience information on the undermentioned points:

  • A plan agenda which is announced on a hebdomadal or day-to-day footing depending upon its importance.
  • What plan would come up following?
  • Nature of plan to be conducted and necessary inside informations about it.
  • Any alteration in the plan agenda and the necessary inside informations about the alterations.
  • Apologizing for some break that may hold occurred during the plan.
  • Any tribunal or authorities order.
  • Any critical information ( chiefly current personal businesss ) for which the viewing audiences should be informed of desperately.

How To Announce?


proclamations are done in assorted ways. Some of them are lone visuals while others are largely diagrammatically done now a twenty-four hours ( without voice over ) .If the proclamation is critical, so the message is diagrammatically presented on-screen for the viewing audiences. Many proclamations are made through short books or advertizements. During the clip of any proclamation with voiceovers, the announcer must bear in head the undermentioned points:

  • Visuals must be relevant to the voiceover.

  • Pronunciation must be clear.

Personal Experience

I was non allowed to do any proclamation that would be telecast but I was asked to analyse old advertizements, relevant shows with audio -video applications and in writing home bases shown for a peculiar proclamation but was allowed to look through different books and reference the type of proclamation necessary for them.

V Making Commentary:


Commentary is the spoken description of an event as it happens on screen.

It is by and large done when there is a unrecorded telecast being aired on the telecasting or wireless like the followers:Cricket, football or any other lucifer, Awards map and manner shows,In any societal or cultural plans E.g. Programs of REPUBLIC DAY description of any mishap/accident, Book Fair etc.

How To Make Commentary?

  • The voice – over who makes the commentary must hold:
  • Acquaintance with the events and the plans.
  • Have the ability to do the plans seem to go on in forepart of the viewing audiences.
  • Have eloquence in the linguistic communication and bid over it.

  • Have right pronunciation.

Personal Experience

I watched a cricket commentary between INDIA vs. SRILANKA that was being aired on telecasting and noted down valuable points and besides heard the unrecorded commentary in forepart of the JAWAHARLAL NEHRU ROAD, alarming the walkers to traverse the route at zebra crossings.

V Compering:


Emcing involves grounding of a plan where there are one or more panel lists or interviewers.

The Compering by and large includes anchoring of a panel treatment on a subject of public involvement.

How To Emcee?

  • The compere or ground tackle must hold a thorough cognition about the affair which is being discussed.
  • The compere is the individual who begins the plan for the viewing audiences by recognizing them and presenting the people in the frame.
  • It is the duty of the compere to do the show an entertaining one.
  • In any treatment or argument where people from different sectors are involved, everyone should be given equal importance.
  • If it is a talk show where some of import subject is being discussed or talked over, it is the duty of the compere or ground tackle to maintain all the individuals on good footings throughout the plan.

Personal Experience

I was non allowed to emcee any plan as it is merely done by the professionals. However, I observed one such plan on a modern-day political issue.

V News Reading:


News Reading is a mixture of Compering and proclamation. The full signifier of NEWS is NORTH EAST WEST SOUTH.

How To Read News?

  • The intelligence reader is the individual who starts the plan by recognizing the viewing audiences and so reads the headlines.
  • The intelligence readers must hold a really clear pronunciation as the viewing audiences should be able to follow the intelligence easy.
  • Eloquence in the linguistic communication and bid over it is indispensable for intelligence readers.
  • A intelligence reader ever has to follow the screen from the Tele–prompter while reading.

Personal Experience

I was non allowed to read the intelligence ON- AIR but I was present when the intelligence was being read by the intelligence reader. I stood merely behind the camera when the reading was traveling on. I was made to read the headlines and so the content off – air.

Run Order Of A Program: –

Run order is the order of a intelligence bulletin.

By seeing the RUN ORDER chart, we can visualise the bulletin:

V In Case Of News, The Run Order Is As Follows:

  • CH — The channel LOGO that is the designation is shown. The opening message is shown.
  • HEADLINE — An of import point of intelligence.

    It is a short sum-up of the most of import points of intelligence, read at the beginning of a intelligence plan.

  • STORY OF HEAD — The narratives in inside informations of the headline devising intelligence are given followed by other major intelligence.
  • First COMING UP AFTER BREAK — Normally an interesting piece of intelligence comes up after the interruption.
  • Second COMING UP — This portion contains athleticss intelligence and other unusual and interesting intelligence.
  • WEATHER — The conditions study in inside informations.

  • Ending HEADLINE — Repeat of the chief intelligence of the twenty-four hours.
  • C M — Closing message.

V In Case Of Other Program The Run-Order Is As Follows:

  • RECAP — The of import parts of the narrative which have been telecasted in the old episodes.

  • NAMES — The names of the people looking in the plan or the dramatis personae of a peculiar series along with the people behind the camera.
  • STORY — The narrative so begins for that episode.
  • COMING UP AFTER THE BREAK — A prevue of what is coming up after the interruption.
  • STORY — The 2nd half of the narrative continues.
  • COMING UP AFTER THE SECOND BREAK — A 2nd prevue of what is coming up after the interruption.
  • End — The end portion of the continued narrative followed by prevue of the following episode.

Procedure For News Production At Ne-Bangla:

The undermentioned process is followed for aggregation, redacting and presentation of NE-BANGLA:The collected intelligence by the ‘REPORTER ‘ are dumped or ingested from the “MINI DV CASSETTES” .

The ‘PROCEDURE ‘ aid in the redacting procedure of each and every intelligence points.Several procedures of Editing in the NE-BANGLA studio are chiefly done with FCP ( FINAL CUT PRODUCTION ) used for voice recording and by VTR ( VISUAL TRACK RECORDING ) .The emended intelligence is transferred in the PCR ( PRODUCTION CONTROL ROOM ) . In the PCR the concluding redaction of the NEWS is done along with the cuttings of advertizements, title vocals etc. The assorted equipments used are NLE server, Switcher or Panel and Master Controller.The collected intelligence eventually reaches the studio where the intelligence reader reads the intelligence that has already been formatted.

Hence, the several procedures of Editing in NE-BANGLA STUDIO are:

  • VOT:

Anchor or intelligence reader reads the intelligence. Then voice over or VO comes along with the BITE.

  • VST:

Anchor/news reader reads the intelligence followed by the visuals taken by the newsman.

  • Package:

The intelligence reader reads the intelligence along with the VOICE OVER.

Then the BITE comes. The 2nd VOICE OVER or VO comes along with the intelligence reader. Again, the BITE comes. Finally, VOICE OVER or VO is adjusted with the intelligence reader.

In instance of exigency, dumping or consumption is done in the PCR ( PRODUCTION CONTROL ROOM ) and the intelligence is read by the NEWS READER.

Constraints Faced During The Undertaking:

Since NE-BANGLA is a Bengali channel, all proclamations and treatments were held in Bengali. I had hence no chance to better my communicating accomplishments in English. But I feel I was able to better my self–confidence degree along with my inter-personal accomplishments because of the apprenticeship I went through.

I besides faced job in acquiring in touch with the NE-BANGLA channel governments. It took at least a hebdomad of going and conversation over phone after which I was given entry into the channel studio.I faced besides some job to go a long distance as it takes more or less two hours to make the NE-BANGLA office from my abode.I was non given firsthand experience in doing proclamations or in compeering, intelligence reading and doing commentary as these specialized occupations are merely undertaken by employees of this channel. Hence, I was non given any certification for doing proclamation, in Compering, intelligence reading and doing commentary but alternatively of that they gave me a certification for working as an learner in their channel.


The four hebdomads developing as an learner at NE-BANGLA Television helped me to derive valuable experience in doing proclamations, commentaries, compeering, and intelligence reading and in public relation occupations. This non merely helped me to finish my on occupation preparation as required by the course of study, but besides provided me the range to larn about the electronic media to a great extent.

I am now rather familiar with all the facets of coverage, redacting, scripting, Tele–prompting and grounding. Now as I watch intelligence or other plans on telecasting, I can visualise it easy through the manufacturers ‘ point of position instead than as an audience as I did earlier.My assurance grew as I learnt the communicating accomplishments of showing myself before the camera, smiling, presenting myself to the audience, listening to others and talking publically. This assurance which I gained during the class is decidedly one of my greatest assets for the hereafter.


I hereby take the chance to thank the undermentioned people who have lent their assisting custodies in assorted ways:Sri Biswa Majumder ( Executive Editor, Input ) , Sri Tuhin Das Chandra ( Sr. Reporter ) Sri Jayanta Sarkar ( Accountant ) of NE-BANGLA TV station who gave me the aureate chance to see the station, the studio and besides take exposures.

Their changeless support and recognition was of huge aid.My instructors in the ENGLISH DEPARTMENT of SAROJINI NAIDU COLLEGE, DUMDUM who helped me to finish the undertaking.My household who encouraged me to travel through the hard times and eventually transport out the on-job preparation for four hebdomads.