Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Traditions Come But Should They Go Essay

Traditions Come But Should They Go Essay

Traditions Come, But Should They Go? Essay, Research Paper

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English 1301


Traditions May Come, But Should They Go?

When the 60 pes tall, 2 million lb stack of logs came crashing

down on Texas A & A ; M University pupils last November, it left 12 pupils

dead, and 27 injured. Not merely did the 90 twelvemonth old tradition consequence in decease of

human life, it besides became evident that the traditions ain life was at

interest. Should the tradition die along with those 12 pupils? I think non.

Some oppositions of the balefire are saying that the tradition should non

continue due to the recent calamity. They are saying that it is excessively unsafe an

event to put on the line more lives. And others claim the event was unsupervised and

organized by a clump of intoxicated pupils. I say, why discontinue a 90 twelvemonth

old tradition merely because an accident occured? Do we besides stop all air hoses

from winging when an aeroplane goes down? How about leveling a 1000

mile stretch of railway when a train jumps the paths? No! We place regulations

and guidelines down and we IMPROVE. Granted the illustrations I give are

non so called traditions but they are a manner of life, as was the balefire for the

pupils at Texas A & A ; M. So I say, alternatively of seting the axe down on a

tradition, why non go on it with some professional, structural design, an

one-year safety reappraisal, and more big supervising?

Since 1909, the celebrated balefire tradition has merely been canceled twice.

Once in 1963 when President Kennedy was assisinated, and last twelvemonth due to

the prostration. The balefire yearly drew 1000s to the University campus

on the Eve of A & A ; M s football game against Texas. The balefire was so

popular, it inspired a sculpture at the centre of the A & A ; M campus. So when

University decision makers gathered after the accident to make up one’s mind the traditions

destiny, college pupils, and even parents of the asleep came to talk out.

Michael Self, male parent of balefire victim Jerry Don Self, said, I am

talking for my boy, because he is non here to talk for himself. As a male parent,

it is difficult, but I know in my bosom Jerry would desire the balefire to fire this

autumn. . Richard Frampton, male parent of 22 twelvemonth old victim Jeremy Frampton, besides

said he felt the tradition should stay as is. I think what was gained was

bonding and trueness through the balefire. The childs put on such an amazing


In decision, I believe the balefire should go on. We should larn

from this atrocious calamity, and do certain it ne’er happens once more. Adult

supervising is definately needed, and a professionally engineered design

should be considered. Besides, an one-year safety conformity reappraisal should be in

topographic point. I say, do whatever it takes to go on this age old tradition that

inspired many people, and enriched more lives than it destroyed.