Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Traditional Marriage Essay

Traditional Marriage Essay

The writer Meurer once said, “A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. ” (Meurer, 2012). My girlfriend’s mother and my father when I interviewed them, they took me to the same place as this quote when I read it.

They told me that they help each other to have a better marriage instead of complaining and arguing about their defects. The Mother (Hinojosa, 2012) said, “The mother is who chain the family together. The Father (Urueta, 2012) said, “The father is who had the key to open the house door.

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” My family is modern but at the same time traditional. My father doesn’t work, and my mother doesn’t live with us. When I interviewed my girlfriend’s mother , I discovered that she was a traditional mother.

She believes every mother/wife should support her husband and kids by making sure they feel loved, and show them love in every way possible. She showed her love when she bought houses for them near her house to be close to them.She took care of her grandchildren and still gave them money when they needed it.

Therefore, my girlfriend’s mother was traditional because she showed them motherly love. My father believes in the traditional role of the father but he is in a modern role of the father. He believes that the father/husband should be the man of the house, support the house hold, made the rules, and over all to protect them. Even when he is not working, he still makes sure all the payments of the bills are paid and supports us in everything we need.He always made things difficult so we could progress in our lives when we came to the reality of the life. He always taught us about life, all the good things and bad things, we can do and things not to do, because he already passed through the same moments as us and knows if something is going to end bad or well. In addition, he shows us the love by always making sure we are fine and don’t need anything in any way.

In fact, my father is traditional and a modern’ at the same time. My family is mother but at the same time traditional.My brother and I are the ones who take care of the house, I don’t mean by paying the bills, I mean by having the house clean, the things in their place, washing the clothes, making the dinner, and doing out chores. Since I was a kid, I have been respectful and obedient to my parents. My brother, on the other hand is unrespect full with our father, and it happens because since we were little kids, my father always let him do whatever he wants, but, as a matter fact, I always try to taught him to be respect full to others.

My father was who raised us and taught us everything we know right now.Thanks to him I am a responsible man. In fact, we are traditional but kind a modern family. My family is in the traditional role but at the same time modern. My mother works in Reynosa, and she doesn’t live with us no more. She is by herself now, and we don’t see her that much. My father is still in love with her, but she doesn’t love him anymore.

During the times she would come to see us, my father gave her money. I was considering that maybe that is the only reason why she came to see us, to get more money from my dad when she needed it. My father doesn’t have a job.He is retired from Pemex (a petroleum industry in Reynosa) and, still is receiving retirement checks.

He lives with us, and is the one who take care and spends time with us. However, those are the facts why my family are traditional but at the same time modern.Works CitedHinojosa, M. (2012, september 20). Traditional or Mother Marriage. (E. Urueta, Interviewer) Meurer, D. (2012, september 28).

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