Torn Lace (If I Were the Guy) Essay

On the day of our wedding, everything was overwhelming. My excitement filled me in because after a very long time of courtship I have finally earned her yes. Right at that very moment I could already imagine what our future would be, a very happy couple playing with our children in our beautiful mansion. We would be perfect.

And to start it off, our wedding should be perfect too, and nothing would ever ruin it, nothing. So, I hired the best organizer to put up everything into place. I invited my business partners, my friends and my family.And lastly, I had given the beautiful and precious lace to my beautiful bride moments before our wedding ceremony started. I could already feel my heart pumping so fast but then sudden ideas filled my mind, “What if it wouldn’t be as perfect as I expected it to be? ” “What if something goes wrong? ” “What if someone ruins our wedding? ” Every idea in my mind was just about the bad “What ifs” and I couldn’t just shake it off, maybe because I was just too nervous. And then I saw my bride and how the beautiful lace I had given her torn apart.At that very moment I felt the weight of the world as it fell unto me and out of my sudden madness I almost said the worst curst there would ever be.

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But I calmed myself hoping everything would still be fine. But it just didn’t because right in front of the altar and in front of everyone she left me. At that very moment I was so humiliated and it continued for days, weeks and months because rumors spread about different stories of me that was all untrue. I didn’t just lose my bride then but also my name.

Everyone looked at me differently, and I could see them talk behind my back. Now, as the cool wind blows off my face I wonder why the world is so unfair. Just because of one mistake I made that I technically don’t consider as one, I’m judged to be a person I’m not that ruined my whole reputation ruining then my life. Can’t they just give me a chance to prove them wrong and make everything right? Many are given chances; some even abuse it, so why can’t I have one? Maybe I’ll figure it out if I take a step forward and let myself fell into the ground.


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