Topic: the top ten state that had

Topic:Outdated and complex immigration law  Name: Tzu-Jung Tseng IntroductionIthas always been complicated for foreigners that wanted to immigrate to theUnited States with a complex immigration law. Not only that this complicatedsystem is outdated but also it hasn’t been mainly reformed since theImmigration and Naturalization act passed in 1965. Even though in the Obamacampaign there is progress to reform the immigration law, there isn’t a majorchange to the system that already exists. In addition, after Trump become thepresident, his thoughts on limiting the immigration, especially building thewall near the Mexican border, would only make the immigration laws be morecomplicated as it may decrease more opportunities for foreigners to immigrateto the United States of America. Thiscould eventually affect the economy in America as one of the main problems isthat this could affect the workforce in the country.

According to the articlewritten by Peri and McElmurry, they informed that the “analysts predict that2.4 million STEM jobs could go unfilled in the United States by 2018.” Inaddition, with the top ten state that had most F-1 visa student this lead to$283 million in taxes. Thus, the outdated yet complex immigration law could bea serious challenge to the federal government.Background    Most of the immigration act is documentedbefore the era that technology is the trend of the society. This includesdifferent forms of visas, different forms of immigration process and refugeesaround the world. Moreover, there isn’t any action on the immigration law since1986 before Obama makes moves in an easier way to hire foreign workers andcitizenship for undocumented citizens. Even though there is some progress offixing the outdated immigration law, but with Trump is the president ofAmerica, things could go in a totally different direction.

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Different than whatObama had done, which provide more opportunities to foreigners to strive for aliving in America, Trump is increasing the barrier of foreigners to immigrateto America as he restricts legal immigration, including the wall he plans tobuild in San Diego next to the Mexican border. According to the article writtenby Lochhead, she said that the Trump administration wants to eliminate to visa,which is a huge damage to international students and people want to workoverseas in America.      What Trump’s government trying to achievenow reflects Peri’s and McElmurry’s article that if Trump bans all of the visasand block the immigration this would lead to a huge loss of internationaltalent for industries in America. Despite that this is the ultimate goal ofTrump, it will lead to a huge damage to the economy inevitably. Furthermore,there is an issue now that challenges the federal government as they deal withimmigration problems. UnderlyingCauses     Besides the contrasting ideas from thedifferent presidents making a challenge for the federal government, there isone more reason that immigration law has been an issue in America.

Over thepast three days, the federal government has shut down for the first time sincethe October of 2013. One of the reasons that cause the shutdown would be theimmigration laws. Recently, the Federal government has been dealing with bordersecurity issues, including the DACA program that was established by PresidentObama. The DACA program, known as deferred action for childhood arrivals, is aprogram established in 2012 to provide the permission to live inside of Americaand have the right to work.

With this program established it protects peoplethat are undocumented immigrants when they arrived when they were young andprovide benefits just us American citizens. However, president Trump decides toeliminate this program and it is a challenge to the federal government as theytry to pave the way to a solution for this issue.     This is also an effect caused by Trump’sideas towards immigration as he eyes on to eradicate to immigrationopportunities for foreigners. With the DACA officially ends in March, over800,000 of people protected under this program will lose the benefits they havereceived after their two-year renewable status is no longer in use. With thoseissues all relevant to immigration issues, it would only become serious ifTrump decides to eradicate all the immigration opportunities in his term ofpresidency.

PolicyOptions     Thefederal government needs to come up with solutions to fix the immigration lawand a plan to protect the DACA citizens. With Trump’s goal is to limitimmigration, it would be hard to solve the problem as limiting visas andimmigration would not only hurt the economy but also led to a loss ofcompetition with other countries around the world. First, the government shouldcome up with a plan similar to the DACA to protect more than 800,000 peopleunder that program.

But since Trump is unwilling to keep this program, theFederal Government could try to provide opportunities to keep them safe afterMarch. Second,the government should try to avoid travel ban for more countries around theworld in the future. With the executive order 13769 passed in March 2017, ithas banned few of the African and middle east countries to visit America eventhough they are green card holders. This policy passed is because of Trump’sconcern of terrorist attack are mostly originated from the Muslim countries.However, it may become a worldwide issue as Trump may issue future travel bans.Last, we should start reforms on the outdated immigration laws as we try tokeep some of the policies simple as possible. Solution    In the three possible solutions that couldsolve some immigration issue, I would choose to focus on the second one as tryto not to limit more future travel bans. Just as what Peri and McElmurry saidtheir article that “The United States is becoming a net exporter of globaltalent.

” With the travel ban limiting citizens in those countries visitingAmerica for four months, this could serve as a deficit to the economy as iffuture travel ban exists, it would lead to major issues including affecting thepublic universities, education, and corporation wants talent from foreigncountries. Both Peri and McElmurry suggests that the government should makereforms and fix the outdated immigration law to provide opportunities forinternational students. In addition, out of a survey of 40,000 students aroundthe world, there is sixty percent of the students implied that they wouldn’twant to study in the states while Trump was the president.

Overall, it would bea progress if Trump doesn’t allow more travel bans and eliminate visas in thefuture. Even though the immigration issue is considered long-termed as we stillstuck with the outdated immigration law, but at least it would say UnitedStates as “A net exporter of global talent.”                 Works Cited  


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