Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Tom Buchanan Example Of Arrogance Research Essay

Tom Buchanan Example Of Arrogance Research Essay

Tom Buchanan- Example Of Arrogance Essay, Research Paper

The 1920? s, ten old ages of booming life in America. Peoples populating the good life and people populating in the slacks. East Egg, the outstanding community of the old rich. Peoples who have known money all their lives. West Egg, the up and coming community of the freshly rich. Manhattan, the metropolis of life. The Valley of Ashes, dividing the Eggs from the metropolis. Typifying the hapless. An wake of the industrial revolution. Four parts doing up Long Island. In between them, the Long Island Sound. A stretch of H2O cutting through the land, dividing the East from the West. All peoples populating inside holding the same American dream. All desiring to go successful and good loved, but most of all holding money was a top precedence for all of them. In F. Scott Fitzgerald? s The Great Gatsby, the character Tom Buchanan believes that merely because he has tonss of money, it enables him to look down on others as inferior.

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Tom Buchanan is married to Daisy Baker, cousin of Nick Carraway. In his first meeting with Nick, who he knew from montage at New Haven, Nick sees Tom? s haughtiness. To Nick, it seems that Tom uses his money largely as an alibi to do himself look higher than other people around him. Even to Nick. He applies this sentiment of himself on many occasions, possibly non straight, but non the less his subliminal point gets across. Like stating? merely because I? m stronger and more of a adult male than you are? ( pg.11 ) implies that his haughtiness is at that place.

To Tom, his money justifies his

actions towards others no affair what they are. He believes that his money lets him warrant his racial slurs. His biggest bias is that the white race is superior and this is apparent when he tells Nick of the book, The Rise of the Coloured Empires. Tom? s? thought is that if they don? t expression out, the white race will be absolutely submerged? ( pg. 17 ) . The ground he can state these things, he feels, is that because he is so rich cipher can touch him.

Even with people closest to him. Such as Daisy, his married woman. Even with her, he feels that he can acquire away with anything and diss her with his haughtiness. Take his relationship with Myrtle. Right under Daisy? s olfactory organ he has the audaciousness darnel on her. He even takes Nick to travel see Myrtle. ? We? re acquiring off! ? he insisted? I want you to run into my girl. ? ( pg. 28 ) He said this to Nick. Nick, Daisy? s 2nd cousin one time removed. He besides finds the clip to disrespect Myrtle when she mentions Daisy. By shouting at her and even crushing her. He do? a short deft motion and broke her olfactory organ with his unfastened hand. ? ( pg. 41 ) By making this, he shows that looks down on even Myrtle and Daisy.

When things are the worst for him, Tom Buchanan runs to his money and fells behind it. Same with Daisy. ? They were careless people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and animals and so retreated back into their money or their huge sloppiness or whatever maintain them together. ? ( pg. 184 ) It was their money that kept them together. They used their money as shields. Used it besides as an alibi and a ground to look down on others.