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Tokyo Japan Essay, Research PaperTrip to Tokyo, JapanTrip to Tokyo, JapanPurpose of Trip:I will be going to Tokyo, Japan for six months on a concern trip. I will begoing with five other members of my organisation at Lucent Technologies to helpLucent- Japan in their procedure of developing and implementing an Indirect Channel intheir state.Since I will be populating in Tokyo for six months, it is expected of me to research andlearn every bit much as possible about the Nipponese civilization and the proper etiquetteexpected of me as a representative of Lucent Technologies, Inc.Flight Information:To seek for the best priced Round Trip Airline ticket, I received six differentquotation marks of monetary values with two different air hoses, United Airlines and Northwest Airlines. Thetwo terminals of the pricing spectrum are non-stop, direct flights from Newark International( EWR ) to Tokyo, Japan Narita ( NRT ) . The entire cost of my unit of ammunition trip ticket is $ 1362.

50and my flight agenda is as follows: ( )Wednesday Jan 3, 2001United Airlines Flight # : 837Departs Newark: 9:00am Arrives Tokyo: 5:05pm ( 1/4 )Saturday June 30, 2001United Airlines Flight # : 852Departs Tokyo: 4:00pm Arrives Newark: 7:28pmEmployment Information:I will be employed by Lucent Technologies, Inc. ( Indirect Channel ) USA and sentto help Lucent Technologies Japan, Ltd.

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in set uping an Indirect Channel in Japan.The Indirect Channel is responsible for administering Aglow merchandises through AuthorizedTraders or phone shops. Lucent Japan does non presently have an Indirect Channel intopographic point and five of us from assorted sections within my organisation, will be traveling toTokyo to help them in this procedure.I will be working straight with the legal section and with other members of myorganisation to set up applications and contracts for Authorized Dealers.

I will besidesbe working with the individual responsible for executing twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours responsibilities in theContracts/Legal Department in Japan to assist set up a day-to-day modus operandi, similar to ours inAmerica.Lucent Technologies Japan, Ltd. Mori Building, No. 254-30 Roppongi 1- ChromeMinato-ku, Tokyo JapanMoney & A ; Costss:Cash is still widely used in Japan, although recognition cards are widely usedin Tokyo, and other major metropoliss.

The currency in Japan is the Hankering. The exchange rates on August 1, 2000 were$ 1.00 ( United States Dollars ) is tantamount to 109.680 ( Nipponese Yen ) . ( UniversalCurrency Converter )Time:The clip zone in Japan is GMT/UTC, plus nine hours.

( Alone Planet, p.7 )The City of Tokyo:Tokyo, the capital metropolis of Japan, is the 3rd largest metropolis in the universe and ispresently occupied by 12 million people. ( Japan National Tourist Org, p.2 ) Tokyo is ahuge urban sprawl distributing out across the Kanto Plain from the Tokyo-wan Bay.( Alone Planet, p.

8 ) The metropolis of Tokyo was about wholly rebuilt after antemblor devoured most of the metropolis in 1923 and once more after US air foraies struck duringWorld War II. ( ? Tokyo, ? p.320 )The metropolis is split between the flashy, glitzy, commercial and concern territorieslocated west of the cardinal Ginza shopping country, and the more down to earthresidential vicinities are to the E of the Ginza.Tokyo is said to be really westernized and aliens will happen many internationalcompanies represented at that place. The Nipponese Immigration Bureau reported that 42,802Americans lived in Japan in 1999.

( Immigration Bureau ) .Some attractive forces that I would wish to see while I am populating in Tokyo are the TokyoNational Museum, which holds the largest aggregation of Nipponese art ; the Senso-jiTemple, a Buddhist topographic point of worship and the Shinjuku, which is west of the centre( Ginza ) and is Tokyo? s present twenty-four hours amusement corner.Adjustments:Tokyo is a really overcrowed metropolis and seeking for rental houses and flatsis really hard for aliens.

Foreign tenants are required to pay a non-refundablesedimentation, called a? reikin? apart from the deposit and you need to hold a surety, or acitizen to? take duty? for you. ( ? Tokyo? , p.315 )Since I am going on concern, I will non hold to lease something in my namenor worry about acquiring a surety. Lucent will supply my colleagues and myself witha company owned flat to remain in while we are working at that place. Since infinite islimited, all six of us ( 3 male & A ; 3 female ) will portion a two sleeping room flat, a fewblocks from our office edifice.Apartment Location: 7-14-4 RoppongiMinato-Ku, Tokyo JapanTransportation system:Transportation system in Japan is quickest utilizing the rail or metros. Train maps are providedin English at large Stationss, so linguistic communication will non be excessively much of a load when utilizing thetrain.

Buss are a conveient manner of transit if you are going a shortdistance, nevertheless, the coach halt marks are non in English. Our office edifice is withinwalking distance from our flat, so we will non hold to concern ourselves withmetros and trains on a day-to-day footing to acquire to work. We will hold to utilize publictransit to travel shopping and for leisure intents since we are populating in a subdivisionof town that is chiefly office edifices and hotels, block after block.Culture & A ; Etiquette:The Japanese have a really different civilization than the United States. Inresearching the Nipponese civilization, I have found many interesting mundane etiquettefacts. One of the chief things that the Nipponese thrive on is politeness. Crime ratesare really low in Tokyo, particularly for the figure of people who live at that place and much ofthis stems from their polite and respectful mode.

Besides, the people in Japan bow a batch.Visitors are non expected to cognize the complexnesss of the bow, nevertheless, it is consideredrude to disregard the salutation or over bow. Another ill-mannered gesture in Japan is blowing yournose in public. It is better to pardon yourself and travel to the public toilet and blow you nosein private. ( Planet Tokyo )Where and when places are worn in Japan can be confounding. Generally, placesare non worn in Nipponese places, temples, and assorted other public topographic points ( includingeating houses ) . Planet Tokyo, a company that publishes visitant ushers, suggests thataliens follow the lead of the locals in these state of affairss since the customary regulations areso complex.Hygiene:Western-style public toilets are found in the larger section shops and manyeating houses, nevertheless, a Japanese-style lavatory requires one to crouch and take confronting theraised palpebras.

Not every public toilet stocks toilet paper in Japan, so it is necessary to transporttissues or toilet paper around with you when in public. ( Planet Tokyo, p.2 )The figure of public baths has declined in Tokyo, nevertheless, the usage is stillprevalent. Man and adult females bathe individually except in out-of-door hot springs. Foreignersare by and large guided through the procedure, if they wish to partake. The H2O in the bathis really hot and the Nipponese do this to loosen up their organic structures and allow peace come in their psyche.( ? Japan, ? p.

33 )Although the Nipponeses have many imposts and day-to-day rites that are ratherdifferent than ours in the United States, Tokyo is a metropolis that is extremely industrialised, plusmost of the Nipponese speak English, since they are learning the linguistic communication at a immatureage in school. It will be really smart to hold an English-Japanese dictionary Handy merelyin instance, but Tokyo does non look to be a metropolis to be scared of as an Online.

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