Toksan nigeria limited Essay


Toksan Nigeria Limited ( TNL ) is a company actively engaged in the Palm vino production and distribution with a trade name name “Toksy” .

TNL is Located in Lagos with over 10,000 hectares of Palm trees ; staff comprising of 120 forces ; mill ; vehicles and equipment. TNL is poised to present choice thenars wine for all signifiers of societal assemblage and place ingestion. Accredited by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control ( NAFDAC ) and with good expertness in the tapping, agitation, processing and bottling of quality thenar vino.Toksy is an alcoholic drink obtained from the sap of thenar trees which undergoes further processing to make a mature thenar vino gustatory sensation. Operationss and procedures carried out by TNL in the production of Toksy get downing from when the tapster feeds the bottle into sap to bottling of the merchandise goes through different operations.

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This work breakdown involves issues originating from wellness and safety of tapsters, environmental issues originating from tapping the sap, waste generated and quality of palm vino produced.Sing old fiscal statements carried out, it is apparent that tremendous outgo is utilized in transporting out quality, environmental and safety direction systems. As a little and average endeavor with limited financess available, it is recommended that an integrated direction system be put in topographic point that encompasses all direction systems in the production of Toksy drink drink.An integrated direction system is a direction system that integrates all of an organisation ‘s systems and processes in to one complete model, enabling an organisation to work as a individual unit with incorporate aims.

This study provides pros and cons of following an integrated direction system in Toksan Nigeria Limited.


In order to follow incorporate direction systems, the bing direction patterns in Toksy Nigeria Limited will be examined. These include ; Environmental Management System ( ISO14001 ) , Occupational Health & A ; Safety Management System ( OHSAS 18001 & A ; BS 8800 ) and Quality Management System ( ISO 9001 ) . Management systems are aimed to fulfill the client, stakeholders, regulators and employees and all these will be embedded in the incorporate system. Integration of these systems is designed for the followers ;

  • Ensure focal point on concern ends & A ; aims.

  • Reduce hazards to the concern and increase profitableness.
  • Eliminate conflicting duties and relationships.
  • Harmonize and optimise patterns.
  • Balance conflicting aims.

  • Create consistence.
  • Reduce duplicate and therefore costs.
  • Improve communications.

  • Facilitate preparation and development.

Incorporate direction systems possesses advantages and disadvantages, nevertheless its advantages are of huge benefit and hence worthwhile.

2.1 Professionals

  • More efficiency with lower cost compared to where they are separated because there will be well fewer paperss to maintain path of, to up-date and to develop people in, and for the employees to follow.

  • Time and cost consumed by audit is saved.
  • Coordinated determinations with consequence on all 3systems.
  • Coherence in the company ‘s activities and procedures.

  • Better interdisciplinary character and a wider circulation of cognition ensuing to more system orientated solutions and normally agreed solution.
  • Thorough and faster apprehension of the consequence of a peculiar center or long term steps taking at the betterment in the field of environment, safety and quality.
  • An IMS could assist in deciding the struggle between the 3 systems.
  • Common processs, taking to better lucidity, less training clip, less certification, less disposal and decreased auditing.
  • Better focal point on ownership and answerability, because the ownership is felt more by the persons of the organisation.

2.2 Con

  • There is a little danger of acquiring some points ill-defined and losing focal point on one subject in favor of another 1.

  • An imbalanced focal point might originate where excessively much focal point might be placed on wellness and safety and environment and quality issues are given small attending.
  • When the statute law is different for every one of the three subjects, an IMS could make some troubles for the lucidity on how the different demands in the single statute law are satisfied.
  • It will be slightly more hard for one to scrutinize an incorporate system compared to bespoke systems for every subject.
  • External audits like enfranchisement audits will be slightly more complicated.
  • Conveying information to certain external stakeholders ( governments and clients ) merely interested in one issue, will be slightly more complicated.


  • This system integrating will measure existing direction systems without prejudice, develop the assorted sub-systems in isolation and so pattern a common model ( integrate ) and do add-ons to do it work better.

    In making this, each system gets adequate attending.

  • The elements of direction system like policy, planning, execution and operation, public presentation appraisal, betterment and direction reappraisal will all be assessed and reworked to accommodate the incorporate system.
  • Awareness and preparation of staff will be carried out in order for a smooth passage.

    As co operation of both direction and employee is paramount.

  • Considerable fiscal resource is required for put to deathing execution.
  • Time required to manner out a working system will be made available through the usage of Gantt chart provided for direction and employees.


This integrating will take into consideration obstructions like barriers between the different systems, which are intended for integrating. For illustration ;

  • Differences in civilizations ( manners of operation ) .

    A common civilization must be created that encompasses bing civilizations. Existing strong civilization must non be allowed to dominate others.

  • Differences in aims, focal point and demands.

    Conflicts may originate when one systems objectives overrides the other. Each system must put company ‘s involvement before system involvement.

  • In most instances, the involuntariness of people to give up the hegemony ( control ) of their ain forte within system. Directors, specializer or employees will non wish invasion into their district.

  • Complexity and administration size be tailored into a simple set. For illustration, instances where many directors in charge of systems are integrated into one directors occupation.
  • Minor jobs like pass oning information to certain stakeholders who are merely interested in an facet of system are slightly complicated ; internal audits may be a spot awkward and necessitate more competency.

These issues will be taken into history when developing the integrating of systems.


0 Decision

Adoption of an integrated direction system will place the company as a taking alcoholic drink industry by giving it a competitory advantage over its challengers. Furthermore, cost saved through integrating can be channeled into other ventures of the company.Albeit resource, forfeit and clip put into this undertaking, the long term utility is really rewarding.


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