Today Student Essay

Having no clue where the younger generations go to hang out these days, I thought about where I used to go with all my friends after school. The mall, to my surprise, the mall was packed. It is nice to know that some things stay the same over the years. While setting at one of the hundred benches at Geneses Valley Mall it was not hard to notice the many different styles that our younger generation has.

I thought that setting in front of the hot topic store in the mall would be a good place to start.I sat there for a good ten min just people watching when I seen this young man walk in the store with one of the biggest Mohawks I think I have ever seen. I am not sure what made me look twice, the size or the fact that it was blue and green. One of his ears where pierced at the hole looked to be the size of a quarter. As I sat there I see many different variation of the grunge style and a few people that could give a 1980 rock band a run for their money. After setting there for a while I decided to move to another spot in the mall.I found myself in the food court and thought this would be a great place to people watch and not get funny looks.

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As I stood in line to get some food I noticed a group of young men a few people ahead of me. It was hard not to notice that their pants were almost down to their knees and their shits were overly large. One of the young men had his underwear showing and did not seem to mind that everyone could see. In my opinion these young man gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “talking like a sailor”.

If my kids were with me I would have walk out of line and gone somewhere else to eat. After I was done eating I thought I would walk around for a little bit. I ended up walking behind two young women and noticed a skill that I didn’t have and still don’t have, walk, talk, and text. Talk about multitasking, if I were to try this I would be running in to everything and everyone. These girls where bobbing and weaving through people while holding a conversation with each other, and texting to someone on the phone.All I have to say is I am happy that is not a skill that someone has to have.

The whole time I was at the mall observing the only people that showed any kind of aggressive behavior were adults running after their children. I didn’t really catch the conversations of the younger adults most of them had their phones in hand and displayed that new skill that I mentioned, walk, talk and text. It amazes me that there are so many styles that today’s generation can use to express themselves.


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