Today and Child exploitation Unit have been

Todaythe internet has become useful and computers are in every household. With the advantagesthe internet has to offer with  payingbills online, watching movies, and video chatting on your phone and even socialmedia to socialize with friends and family. In 1995 Dr.

Gene Stephens predictedthat billions of dollars would be lost about the present and future ofcybercrimes. Even though we can think of using the internet with ease and not thinkabout crimes happening online from credit card fraud or being filmed on Facebooklive which Thereare many types of cybercrimes range from Identity theft to Cyberstalking. Thecrime of Data theft/Theft involves when a person infringes copyright violations.Even if you’re the authorized user you can still be charged for theft even forinstance government computers now they got rid of flash drives since there wereinstances of them being lost or stolen and could have classified information.             Bycommitting data theft, the network, the network is often controlled by aMalware a malicious software that gives the individual full to partial controlof a network.  Malware can be a virus orspyware. The use malware to get access to a system to steal information thatcan be classified and sensitive.

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These laws apply to emails and websites, aswell as using the internet to commit identity theft or other forms of fraud. Computer hacking is the most everyday crimepeople hear roughly every day. This offence is committed when an individual’scomputer is broken into and their personal and sensitive information can beaccessed into.  Instead of breaking intoyour home for personal information such as bank statements and credit cardaccounts. They now have the means of committing this act right in their ownhomes. Hacking is a felony and punishable accordingly. With hacking thecriminal uses a range of software to remotely enter a person’s computer or usea virus to gain access (malware).

Thecrime of child abuse and child solicitation occurs when criminals solicitminors via chat rooms for child pornography and solicitation of sex. The FBI andChild exploitation Unit have been spending a lot of time observing chat rooms thatchildren use often hoping that their efforts will decrease and prevent child abuse.In all fifty states also, the federal government It’s a crime to make,possess, or transmit images that portray child pornography. There arealso laws which prohibit transmitting harmful materials to children.

“Harmfulmaterials” include sexual or pornographic images that may be legal for adultsto view, but which are harmful to, or inappropriate for, children.With more people doingtheir transactions online now for paying bills, bank transactions, andshopping. These are the people the criminals are trying to target since theyare doing things online. There are steps to prevent cybercrime from happeningto you mainly it rests on the education of cybercrime of the individual tomaintain backup of computer.

Check security settings, use anti-virus software,and stay anonymous.The fines for aconviction of computer and internet crimes range. A misdemeanor can result tominor fines of a few hundred dollars or up to $1,000. (

htm).While felony convictions can have fines that exceed $100,000. A personconvicted of certain internet or computer crimes may also face a jail or prisonsentence. The serious crimes such as possessing child pornography can result ina prison sentence of 20 years or more.  Probation sentences for cybercrimes are also possible as either individual penalties or in addition to jailor fines. Probation terms can differ widely but last at least one year andrequire the person on probation to not commit more crimes, maintain employment,report to a probation officer, and pay all court costs and fines.

With the use of the Darknet it is easy for criminals to bypass the regular severs and hide the IPaddress with The Onion Router (TOR). The onion router isn’t a secret to thegovernment it was originally designed to keep undercover agents in the field tobe protected instead of going through the regular internet. Naval Research usedTOR to protect itself so that the enemy could not trace them or their shipsposition with their IP address. Ross Ulbricht the creatorof the Silk Road allegedly used TOR the system to hide the location of thecomputer servers that hosted the Silk Road website. The Silk Road was asophisticated black-market website offering illegal drugs to hit men.Originally the Silk road was used a customer friendly store front but onceinside you can buy fake passports, hit men, and computer hackers.

With criminals using morehigh-tech means to access our personal information we must protect ourselves.We must educate ourselves on how not to be the victim and protect our own identity.  Ways to protect yourself use firewalls,anti-virus software, go to trusted internet sites and never open suspiciousemails.

Also educate your family about cybercrime to prevent being the victim.


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