Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Tobacco Advertising And Its Effects On Young Essay

Tobacco Advertising And Its Effects On Young Essay

Peoples Essay, Research Paper

Tobacco Advertising and its Effectss on Young Peoples

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Ryan Sharp English 10

In this universe there are many unfairnesss that deal with our kids. A

chief unfairness is the advertisement of baccy directed to our young persons. Every twenty-four hours

3,000 kids start smoke, most of them between the ages of 10 and 18. These

childs account for 90 per centum of all new tobacco users. In fact, 90 per centum of all

grownups province that they foremost start smoking as a adolescent. The statistics

clearly show that immature people are the premier marks of baccy gross revenues.

The caput of these media companies are Marlboro and Camel. Marlboro uses

a western character known as The Marlboro Man, and Camel uses the? smooth

character? Joe Camel. Joe Camel who is shown as a camel with complete manner has

been attacked by many Tobacco-Free Kids organisations as a major influence on

the kids of America. Research workers at the Medical College of Georgia study

that about as many 6-year olds acknowledge Joe Camel as they do Mickey Mouse.

That is really lurid information for any parent to hear. Childs are

attracted by these advertizements because they like sketchs, and they think

that a sketch is harmless and what the sketch does is harmless excessively. There is

so much coffin nail publicizing out at that place a kid is certain to be struck by its


The companies deny that these symbols target people under 21 and claim

that their advertisement end is merely to advance trade name exchanging. Illinois Rep.

Richard Durbin disagrees with this statement saying? If we can cut down the

figure of immature tobacco users, the baccy degree Celsius

ompanies will be in problem and they know

it? . The companies go toward a market that is non to the full cognizant of the injury that

coffin nails are capable of to maintain their industry alive and good.

When childs were asked why they started smoking, they gave two

contradictory grounds: They wanted to be a portion of the crowd. Children Don & # 8217 ; T

privation to be left out, they want to be wanted. If their equals are smoking so

they will desire to smoke excessively. They besides wanted to make out and arise at the

same clip. When kids are told over and over by more important people

non to make something, so they are traveling to make it. They do this merely to acquire

back at the governments or to fulfill their wonder. Teenss besides think of

smoke as a mark of independency. The surprising thing is that these childs know

that they are being influenced by coffin nail advertisement.

Here are three things on how to halt the hereafter of America from smoking.

Try to convert your kids that smoke is non cool. If a kid is talked to

by there parents so they will listen to what they have to state. Talk to your

childs at a immature age about the dangers of smoke. If kids are informed of

the dangers coffin nails provide so they will forestall themselves from smoking.

Identify household members who smoke and inquire them to discontinue. If kids are non

around the wont so they won & # 8217 ; Ts have a ground to pick it up.

Childs are the most valuable assets we are given in life. Let & # 8217 ; s try

to educate them while they & # 8217 ; re immature to be independent minds and to non be

swayed by the baccy companies who are seeking to take advantage of their head

and organic structure.