To or the fusion of hydrogen atoms

To what extent should Nuclear weapons be allowed to impact the environment?Nuclear weapons are a huge problem in the world today and countries like North Korea who are trying to use nuclear weapons to threaten other countries. These weapons should be minimized before they have a large negative impact on the world. They in addition to this need to minimize the number of nuclear facilities around the world not allowing certain countries to use them as a threat.

Mary Dowd, who holds a doctorate in educational leadership and a master’s degree and has 20 years of experience in the field talk about what happens if a nuclear missile hits. When a nuclear missile hits they cause “cataclysmic explosions when energy is released by the splitting of uranium or plutonium atoms in atomic bombs or the fusion of hydrogen atoms in hydrogen bombs unless it’s a detonated nuclear bomb. A detonated nuclear bomb produces a fireball, shockwaves and intense radiation. A mushroom cloud forms from vaporized debris and disperses radioactive particles that fall to earth contaminating air, soil, water and the food supply.

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When carried by wind currents, fallout can cause far-reaching environmental damage.”The only time in the history of the world when a nuclear weapon was used, was in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan during World War 2. The bombs were called “Little boy” and “fat man.

” Based off the report made from the World Nuclear Association which is an international organization (WNA) when the bomb in Hiroshima went off 45,000 died the first day and 19,000 died during the next four months and sadly 90% of the city was destroyed. In Nagasaki 22,000 were killed on the first day and 17,000 died in the next four months (WNA). The illustration made shows here how destructive a nuclear weapon can be towards society and what these bombs can do to people. One of the big problems people dies because of is the radiation the bombshell give off. This exposure to radioactive substances can alter DNA in the genes of humans plants and animals with deleterious consequences.

In these two cities radiation infected people giving them cancers like leukemia.(WNA) Kenji Hall a reporter wrote about a story of a woman who was injured by one of the bombs. He wrote she ‘laied moaning with a blackish mouth stiff as though with lockjaw and unable to utter clear words’, her legs covered with red spots…”This demonstrates the destruction of nuclear weapons and how their devastation caused civilians like this woman to be forever scarred. Many other people in addition to this had different mutations from the radiation like “cancerous tumors” or “extra limbs.”many people thought that Nagasaki would take a long time to heal from this attack the U.

S. Strategic Bombing Survey determined that much of Nagasaki would remain barren of plant and animal life for 75 years, but seasonal rains and powerful tides cleansed the land and harbor of fallout much faster than anyone predicted. It took two months before the first seedlings arrived. Edward J. Klekowski, Jr., a plant geneticist at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst conducted the Nagasaki study with Shigeo Masuyama, a biologist at Tokyo Women’s Christian University. He stated, “damaged chromosomes have been found in the cells of parents and some children.

“Mary Dowd says Nuclear missiles are the worst of all nuclear items the world as they are more dangerous than nuclear plants and nuclear plants can do much damage. One of the worst accidents with nuclear plants was at a nuclear facility called Chernobyl and it had an error resulting in radioactive substances getting into the air. “This caused five million acres of cropland to be destroyed in Ukraine, as reported by J. Wargo, author of’Green Intelligence.’ Countries in Europe soon notice high radiation levels in vegetables and milk from cows grazing on contaminated land.” Many believed radiation wasn’t a real problem after Chernobyl because life started growing, But Timothy A.

Mousseau who has been in Chernobyl for years researching has shown that many animals and plants still are deformed from the radiation. He stated, “we found that the abundance of many species of birds has been depressed in these areas of high contamination leading to a decrease in the biodiversity in the area.” In addition to this, he said that he was seen a higher amount of tumors and deformities in birds and that the webs of spiders were greatly impacted in this area. This disaster also impacted plants, for example, Forest food products such as berries, mushrooms, and game contain particularly high levels of long-lived radioactive materials and this contamination is expected to remain high for several decades. In addition to this, water bodies and fish become contaminated with radioactive materials.

The contamination soon decreased as a result of dilution and decay but some of the materials remained trapped in the soils around contaminated rivers and lakes. Today, most water bodies and fish have low radioactivity levels, although the levels in some closed lakes remain high. Another factor the accident impacted was plants and animals living within 30 km of the site. There was an increase in mortality and a decrease in reproduction and some genetic anomalies in plants and animals are still reported today.There are still many problems with having large amounts of nuclear weapon like them being stolen. Scientists state “Less than 20 pounds of plutonium is needed to make a simple nuclear weapon.

” Getting radioactive plutonium is almost impossible to steal, but it can be turned into a powder form which is much less radioactive. A union of scientists has proven.”facilities handle so much of this material that it has proven impossible to keep track of it accurately in a timely manner.”This gives terrorists a chance to make several nuclear weapons that could be undetected for years.


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