To, marks) in year 2014 from Punjab

To,The Visa officer,Student visa Section Canadian High Commission,ChandigarhRespected Sir/ Madam I, Maninder Singh, am applying forStudy permit to Canada. Please find enclosed the following documents in supportof my visa application:- Original Passport. Applications for a Study permit IMM1294E. Family Information from with Photographs.

Study Permit Questionnaire. Acceptance Letter from Northern College, Canada. IELTS (academic) test report Educational Certificates Student Payment Receipt showing Tuition Fee to Northern College, Canada. GIC payment proof Copy of Medical Examination form IMM1017Please take the followinginformation into consideration in arriving at your decision in this matter.

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ACADEMIC BACKGROUND:I completed my Last qualification/ BachelorsDegree in Mechanical Engineering with 1st division (67.14 % marks)in year 2014 from Punjab Technical University (Surya School Of Engineering andTechnology, Patiala) During the college years, I was introduced tosubjects like Engineering Physics, Manufacturing Processes, Strength ofMaterial, Theory of Machines, Machine Drawing/Design, Computer AidedDesign/Computer Aided Manufacturing and Applied Thermodynamics. Moreover, I hadcompleted my training of 6 months ( January’14 to May’14) in Federal MogulGoetze Ltd on the Project of Scrap Reduction. This company basically  is the Manufacturer of world-class pistons, piston rings,sintered parts and cylinder liners covering a wide range of applicationsincluding two/three-wheelers, cars, SUVs, tractors, light commercial vehicles,heavy commercial vehicles, stationary engines and high output locomotive dieselengines.After that I worked with KEM Gear CuttingTools as Technical Supervisor for 2 years 7 months from January ‘2015 to July2015. The various roles and responsibilities I performed being in that job:-1.

       Supervisionof Planned Maintenance jobs generated by the system2.       Supervisionof the Line Technicians3.       Recommendation of corrective measuresto Production Manager/Maintenance Engineer where necessary4.       Taking prompt action in case ofbreakdowns5.       Conductingtraining for staff to improve their skills, competence and efficiency6.       Following up on spare parts stocklevels and advising technical store appropriately7.

       Proactively promoting safety8.       Supporting theimplementation  of Quality Management Systems and ContinuousImprovement projects9.       Implementing hygienic maintenanceprinciples in your area and in the plant.  Working there was a great and knowledgeable  experience for me and for sure want to developmyself in the detailed study related to the advanced logistics as working thereeven created an interest for me in the field of SCM  as well. The supply chain management has been defined as the”design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chainactivities with the objective of creating net value, building a competitiveinfrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply withdemand and measuring performance globally.

 SCM practice draws heavily fromthe areas of industrial engineering, systems engineering,  operations management, logistics,  procurement, information technology, and marketing and strives for anintegrated approach. In the long run, it has wide scope as every organizationruns with such kind of departments and I want to mix my skills of mechanicalengineering along with the skills of Supply Chain Management. 


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