Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary To Kill A Mockingbird II Research Essay

To Kill A Mockingbird II Research Essay

To Kill A Mockingbird II Essay, Research Paper

In the widely known novel To Kill A Mockingbird there are two households

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that are really diverse and are text book illustrations of complete antonyms

on the moral ladder of success. The Cunninghams and the Ewells have

two really distinguishable and opposite reputes. The Cunninghams which are

really respected while the Ewells really much despised. The Ewells are

given the privilege to run out of season, so that the occupants of

the little town of Maycomb would non hold to digest their uninterrupted

imploring 24 hours a twenty-four hours for seven yearss a hebdomad. These two

households show the reputability of difficult workers or, in the Ewells

instance, can make full their equals with sorrow. The Cunninghams have pride,

as for the Ewells, they have a natural like anarchist nature that will

finally stalk them and ache others because of their lurid like


The Cunningham & # 8217 ; s are really respected by the citizen & # 8217 ; s of Maycomb

county. The Cunninghams took nil, unless they could pay it back.

Walter the youngest in the Cunningham kin was in the same category at

school as Scout Finch the girl of Atticus Finch. While in school,

a fresh immature new school teacher known as Miss Caroline did non cognize

the reputes of the predecessors of these two kids. In what

looked like a good twenty-four hours for the cub instructor rapidly turned into

complete confusion and a entire hardship trip for the instructor. Walter

Cunningham being raised in a really difficult working environment was taught

non to take what he could non pay back. The instructor evidently did non

cognize about his background in the most infinitesimal manner and embarrassed him

extensively by about demanding him to take some tiffin money. Knowing

that he could non pay Miss Caroline back in the manner that she had in

head he knew that he could take the money which he wanted to take so

bad. Walter finally ended up eating with the Finch & # 8217 ; s. While

eating at the Finch & # 8217 ; s he did non cognize what to make with all of the nutrient

that they have offered to him. For illustration he drowned his waffles in

a lake of sirup. Bob Ewell & # 8217 ; s boy, Burris was besides faced in the same

manner but in an entire opposite way and intent. The same twenty-four hours as

the Walter Cunningham incident at that place was another incident refering

the Ewells. Burris had & # 8220 ; cooties. & # 8221 ; A & # 8220 ; cootie & # 8221 ; came madly

winging out of the false Afro of Burris & # 8217 ; s hair, and scared the

superintendent of the category, Miss Caroline. Miss Caroline rapidly demanded

that Burris go place and wash and scour his hair with Kerosine. Burris

coming from what seemed like a broken place and he had no pride so, he

told the instructor off, made her call, threatened her, and so left.

The Cunninghams are given particular privileges. Cunninghams paid

Atticus for some legal work that Atticus did with their farm, they

paid him with nutrient, and other services. The population of Maycomb

county excepted this because they know that the household is really loyal,

true and highly difficult working. The Cunningham & # 8217 ; s would ne’er

R / & gt ;

take anything that they couldn & # 8217 ; t payback every bit or greater of value.

Then their are your shirking, lying, body louse infested, buming Ewells.

Bob Ewell is a entire rummy, he takes what money he may hold earned or

stole and drinks it off. Mr. Ewell really seldom or if of all time has

bought or cooked his household a hot and entire alimentary repast in his

life. The childs would fundamentally shrink up in the small hovel that

they live in and hunger, if they did non hold the privilege to run

and eat the nutrient that they kill.

The Cunninghams were a household of truthfulness, trueness and able to

carry on great duties. They did non desire to ache anyone,

they were thankful for the people that had helped them on their

journey of life. When the Cunninghams were incorrect they admitted it,

when they were right they didn & # 8217 ; t demo it. They had great regard for

anyone who walked on the face of the Earth. But as usual the Ewells

were merely the opposite, they did non state the truth on a consistent

footing, and it wasted a human life. After the test of Tom Robinson

versus Mayella Ewell, the Ewells were ashamed because Mayella may

have like a black Black, Bob Ewell caught them in the sleeping room caressing

and suspected the worse. He claimed that Tom raped his girl and

so crush her. All of the contusions were on the right side of Mayella & # 8217 ; s

organic structure, Tom had no left arm. It was Obvious that Tom did non make it.

But the Ewells which were ashamed to acknowledge it, bing Tom Robinson

his life. He was really disquieted and was disgusted how long it took for

the jury to consider. He fought requital against Atticus & # 8217 ; s childs

and ache them coming back from a Halloween party. Bob Ewell could non

base that his word was hardly good plenty to get the better of a black African


The Cunninghams were really much respected by others because they kept

their word, they would make anything to pay you back, they would assist

you, and ne’er worry about what was in it for them. The Cunninghams

renewed their resources by making this, people were glad to assist them.

As for the Ewells used up their resources, they scrounged around

taking, taking, and taking from others and used up their resources.

Peoples were disgusted when they helped the Ewells. Both Cunninghams

and Ewells had particular privileges Cunninghams were able to pay people

back with other things than merely the American currency, while the

Ewells were given privileges because people were ashamed of them.

Cunninghams besides ne’er had to worry about acquiring themselves into

problem they ne’er lied and were really difficult workers, the Ewells were

prevaricators, and were excessively ashamed to halt the slandering of Tom Robinson

before it came unmanageable, bing Tom his life. This narrative

shows that Hard work is hard and tough to keep, but it will

pay off, it possibly easier to implore and bum like the Ewells but sooner

or later the mendicants and cadgers have no where to turn, so they lie

and darnel and rapidly their life become corrupt, much like the

Ewell & # 8217 ; s.