Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary To Kill A Mockingbird 2 Essay

To Kill A Mockingbird 2 Essay

To Kill A Mockingbird & # 8211 ; Who Is The Most Guilty Essay, Research Paper

Who is the most guilty? Review the engagement? s

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of the characters in the novel and measure conditions or non they were guilty,

and if so how guilty?

In the authoritative novel? To Kill A Mockingbird?

by Harper Lee there is an copiousness of characters that could be proclaimed

to be the guilty party, but who is genuinely the guiltiest one of all? The

definition of guilt is as follows ; the province of holding done something incorrect

or committed an discourtesy ; a feeling of compunction from believing that

one has done something incorrect. My occupation is to analyze the characters closely

and determine who is the most guilty in the engagement? s of Tom Robinson? s

prosecution, strong belief and finally his decease.

As I stated, there is an copiousness of characters

that could be guilty, from Mayella and Bob Ewell, Heck Tate, to the jurymans

and Atticus Finch. All of these characters play a axial rotation in the narrative, and

a axial rotation in the events that happened to Tom Robinson.

The narrative is an interesting one, but guilty

parties are found throughout. The narrative is set against the background of

19 mid-thirtiess Southern life. The Finches are a household that one time ran

a big, successful plantation. Their ascendants had been blue ladies

and gentlemen of the south. Now they are reduced to pacify poorness. Atticus

and his household live in a town named Maycomb, he is a calling bed. He has

a boy named Jeremy and a girl named Jean-Louse. They besides have a cook

named Calpernia, she is a Negro but they respect her greatly. Racism in

Maycomb is apparent about where of all time you look, and Negro peoples wear? T

hold a opportunity to win.

A household that played a immense axial rotation in the

novel are named the Ewells. They live on the out skirts of town by the

shit, near the Negro homes. The household consists of Bob, whom has a

girl named Mayella and several other siblings. In the context of the

book, they are seen as no better than the Negro? s. There is a sheriff named

Heck Tate, he is the 1 and lone constabulary officer in the little town, and

a justice named Taylor, who in the terminal hands down Tom? s penalty.

To Kill A Mockingbird trades with many primal

and basic lessons in human nature. The book expresses many issues that

affect people throughout there lives. The fresh trades with what you feel

indoors, and I think that some of the characters, or at least, they should

be experiencing guilt interior.

Atticus seems to be a great cat, and a

reasonably good bed besides but he excessively played a axial rotation in the events that happened

to Tom Robinson. Although he did seek his best, he was round before he started & # 8230 ; and

he knew this. Atticus fought smartly for him, but failed. Tom was convicted

on the charges of colza and Atticus said to him that he would seek an entreaty,

and told him to sit tight. When Tom had been sent to a gaol, he was scared

for his life and tried to do a tally for it, he attempted to scale a big

fencing. He would hold made it if merely for the fact that his arm ballad dead

at his side. He was shot 17 times in the procedure. Atticus felt guilty,

he was non able to convert Tom that things would work out for him. He

failed at allowing Tom cognize that he could be free.

The jurymans are the individual most of import

people in the tribunal room, and holding a clear head of all biass demands

to be preset. In this instance it was non. The jurymans virtually held Tom? s

life in their hot small custodies, and in their damaging ways crushed it

without believing twice. The members of the jurymans are doubtless guilty

because of the simple fact that the

rhenium was no difficult grounds that Tom did

it, rape Mayella. The jurymans should hold reviewed the grounds with utter

most attention, it about clearly pointed to Bob Ewell as the maltreater merely

for the fact that a right handed individual would hold beaten her up. Therefore

impossible for Tom because his arm ballad useless at his side. The grounds

was clear, no physician was brought to the scene to analyze Mayella, clearly

bespeaking that something was up, clearly bespeaking that she was in fact

non raped by Tom. The jurymans are guilty for the simple fact that they convicted

an guiltless adult male, their racialist positions go to them and couldn? T see the truth.

In every town there is a sheriff, in Maycomb

his name was Heck Tate. He is the lone constabulary officer in town, and he is

besides white. He was the first functionary on the scene when the supposed colza

occurred, and saw Mayella writhing on the floor with her male parent standing

over her in an esthetic fury. If the sheriff did his investigation in a

better mode he would hold discovered that Mayella had been beaten up

by her male parent. Heck Tate did his occupation in a lazy manor, and with held grounds

to the extent of his words and his investigation. He took Bob and Mayella? s

word for it without dividing them and acquiring proper statements from

them. He didn? T call in a physician, which could hold determined whether or

non she was raped. In my sentiment, Heck Tate did a icky occupation in look intoing

the whole mode, and for that is guilty for Tom? s strong belief and decease.

Bob Ewell lived on the out skirts of town

and despised Negro? s. He lived with his girl Mayella and several other

siblings. He was a average spirited homo being, and spent all the household? s

alleviation cheques on himself purchasing into his dependence, intoxicant. He did see

the events in inquiry, but they did non go on they manner he said they did,

non at all. He heard a disturbance in the distance and ran to see what the

affair was. He saw Mayella seeking to acquire onto of Tom Robinson, he was mortified.

This was a wickedness, to be with a Negro adult male if you were white. Bob started shouting,

and Tom was scared away. He so was so huffy he proceeded to crush Mayella

on the right side of her caput, subsequently brought into grounds. He knew what

he was making, he knew he was traveling to fault Tom for the whipping and colza

of Mayella even though he knew that if did non go on ( the colza ) . Bob Ewell

is guilty to the full extent, for bing a adult male his freedom & # 8230 ; and his life.

Mayella Ewell is at the centre of the whole

instance, she is the key to Tom? s guilt of inexperienced person. If she would hold had

the backbones to come frontward and squeal the prevarication that brought down an inexperienced person

adult male, the instance would hold been dismissed. She wanted him so severely because

she had no 1. She thought she loved him, but love was inferior to her

impulses, she wanted him to love her. She is guilty of be aftering the whole

event that in the terminal would take a adult male? s life. She wanted to acquire with him,

but her programs didn? t work. When he pushed her off rejecting her she snapped

and opened her head detesting him. The ground she lied was for the simple

fact that he rejected her, and she could non take this. Her guilt is apparent

to me, she started a truly atrocious prevarication, she was protecting her male parent.

It was incorrect and she is perfectly guilty.

In the terminal an guiltless adult male was convicted

and died in the custodies of the condemnable justness system because of a few persons

I have mentioned. Guilt is apparent throughout all of the character, and

possibly even some more can be guilty. At the terminal I will state this, an inexperienced person

adult male was convicted and died because of the actions of a few persons,

and one prevarication.