To Kill a Mocking Bird, the Memoir Night and Romeone and Juliet Obstacle Comparison Essay

The novel To Kill a Mocking Bird, the memoir Night, and the play Romeo and Juliet are good examples of how one can create a plan and the potential obstacles that someone may run into while executing this type of plan.

Within the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the main character with a plan was Atticus. His plan at the beginning of the novel was to succeed in winning the Tom Robinson case. The case involved the accusations made against Tom that he raped Bob Ewell’s daughter, Mayella.

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Even though those around him would call him a “nigger lover”, including his family, he never deserted Tom when he was in need of help. For example, both Francis and Aunt Alexandra said that he was being a disgrace to the family name. Later on in the novel we find out that Atticus Finch’s definition of “real courage” is when you fight for something that is right, regardless the fact that you may win or lose. Atticus knew that Tom Robinson was an innocent man, but it only ended up being a black man’s word against an Ewells.Scout and Jem continuously questioned Atticus on why he took the case even if he knew he would lose and he admitted. His response to their questioning was that there were many reasons, but “the main one is, if I didn’t I couldn’t hold up my head in town, I couldn’t represent the county in the legislature, I couldn’t even tell you or Jem not to do something again. ” Atticus proved his bravery when he went against Maycomb, a generally prejudice town, in order to defend Tom.

He knew that by accepting the case he would make himself an object of ridicule.He knew that a small population of the white people in the town would forgive him, but the black community would respect him for believing in a black man’s word against a white’s. Atticus did not mind how much his reputation suffered with the white members of Maybcomb, standing up for convictions was more important to him than what people thought. Atticus decided early he was going to stand up for someone’s innocence and he was determined to go through with his decision. During the memoir Night, Elie was the character who had a definite plan. Ellie along with his friends and family became victims of the Holocaust.Throughout these years Elie was separated from his mother and sister, was exposed to the sufferings of others like having to witness the young boy being hung in front of everyone.

Due to many of these experiences, Elie questioned the existence of God. Day by day Elie witnessed the deaths of his peers. Eventually, one night when the prisoners are resting after a death march, Elie contemplates falling asleep and never getting back up to continue the fight. He then looked at his father beside him who was becoming very weak, and realized that he had to keep going until the end for both of them.This was acknowledged as Elie’s plan. After deciding to fight for survival, Elie experienced more torture when his father eventually died from both a blow to the head and dysentery.

Witnessing this, Elie only became stronger and knew he was expected to succeed in the Holocaust by his family. He once again slowly began to believe in the help of God and by the end realized God was with him throughout the whole journey. The plan of living through the Holocaust became a success for Elie as he was able to escape the camps and share his experience with the world.Lastly, in the play Romeo and Juliet, the initial plan involved both main characters, Romeo and Juliet.

Their plan was to be together even though their families forbad their love for one another. Although forbidden by their parents, the two teenagers found ways to express their love for each other. The two would meet each other in the middle of the night without their parent’s acknowledgment. Also, at the masquerade ball they were able to express their love for one another when the two shared a kiss. After the kill of Tybalt by Romeo, he was forced to go into hiding.During this time, the two were separated temporarily until Juliet came up with her own plan. Her plan was to pretend she was dead and after informing Romeo of the plan, they would run away together. Unfortunately, Romeo was informed too late and assumed Juliet had died.

After viewing this, he drank from the tiny bottle full of poison and left no extra drop. After Romeo lay dead, Juliet awoke and saw her love. She then realized he had killed himself. As she stood up she took with her his dagger and then killed herself as well.

These actions once again allowed the two lovers to be together, this time in the afterlife.


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