To equally. When talking about justice, equality

To make an IGO (international governmental organization) legitimate, the rule of law should also be applied here. No one is above the law, everyone has the right to a fair trial, and all are subject to the same law. The goal of the ICC is to make sure criminals won’t get away with their crimes and get the punishment they deserve through international criminal justice to prevent the same crimes from being committed again. From the perspective of the ICC, justice includes giving every defendant the right to fair trials and entitling every defendant to a public and fair proceeding. The cases can be referred to the Court by states themselves or the prosecutor can also decide on his own initiative to open investigation. Before the cases are taken, one of the things they consider whether taking the case would serve the interests of justice. This shows that the things the ICC does are most likely to be in name of justice.

But the thing about justice is that everyone has a different perspective on the definition of justice and that is the problem with justice. There are four human rights in the UDHR (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights) that should be applied to every human being in a courtroom, these help me discuss another key concept; human rights. The first article indicates that every human has the right to equality, the seventh article indicates that every human being has a right to equality before the law, the tenth article indicates the right to a fair public hearing and lastly, the eleventh article indicates the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

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If every court remembers these human rights, puts them above the law and isn’t biased, than and only than a justice system isn’t corrupt in my opinion. There is no justice without equality. This leads to another important key concept: equality. The problem most likely arose due to a lack of equality. Equality is also about fairness and making sure everyone is treated equally.

When talking about justice, equality means that rules are applied to everyone, in the same way, disregarding social and political hierarchy. Two people who have committed the same crime deserve the same punishment, even if one is a state leader and the other a trashman.Another concept that ties this all together is the opposite of equality; inequality. If an IGO or a justice treats people inequal it is corrupt. Lastly, I’m going to talk about legitimacy, legitimacy is conforming to the law or to rules.

An IGO/Justice system can’t be corrupt and legitimate at the same time. Being legitimate is also getting recognized by the people. There has been evidence that the ICC is racially biased against some cases. Also, that confidential information has been leaking, so is the ICC corrupt?”Ocampo went one step further. He asked Angelina Jolie for advice and shared confidential information with her.

He also consulted with Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord’s Resurrection Army in Uganda, who deploys children as a soldier. Jolie would like to play a role and Ocampo was not against it. Even if Jolie does not realize that “movie star” is not the best title to capture criminals, a prosecutor may expect this.” – NRC


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