To closed term of Fall 2018. After

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter to applyfor the UC Davis admission for the closed term of Fall 2018.  After graduating high school in2010, I attended University of Minnesota Duluth. I transferred to U of M TwinCities in fall 2012 to be closer to home. I paused my studies for a semester inFall 2013 to take care of my newborn daughter. In Spring 2014, I transferred toMinneapolis Community and Technical College to build a portfolio in order to transferto the Minneapolis College of Arts and Design. I took two semesters, submitted aportfolio, and was accepted to Minneapolis College of Arts and Design.

However,I found out that I did not want to major in Multimedia Arts and Animation. InMarch 2016, I was pregnant with my second child, so I moved to California forfamily support for my two children. I always had plans to resume school andobtain a degree. Unfortunately soon after my secondchild was born, my husband was involved in a fire accident and suffered thirtypercent burn to his head, face, neck, and chest. Since the accident, he has hadthree surgeries at the UC Davis Burn Center. The surgeries are about a three-weekstay at the hospital.

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After each surgery, I take care of him at home. We have adaily routine of wound care. I also take care of my two children along with housechores, grocery shopping, and other errands. My husband had just undergone hissecond neck surgery in December 2017. Now that he is in a better shape, I wantto continue my education to provide for my family’s financial situation. Iunderstand our situation may be hard to manage when I go to school, but myhusband and I plan to schedule his surgeries during summer and winter break.

Hissurgeon also recommended only having one or two surgeries a year.  Despite my grades, GPA, and havingtransferred to four different colleges, I am determined to graduate. I plan tobe a full-time student and check with my advisor often to ensure that I am ontrack. I plan to manage my time to commit eight or more hours a day to study,and take self-assessment tests to see where I need to improve. I intend to usenote cards, ask tutors, and study groups for help with the course materials. Iwill also communicate with my professors to keep track of my academicperformance. I am very grateful for the help andsupport that the UC Davis Burn Center and Kiwanis Family House have provided formy family.

It would mean so much to be a part of the UC Davis community, and anhonor to be a UC Davis graduate and give back to the community. Thank you foryour time considering this appeal. Sincerely,    


I'm Ruth!

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