To Build A Fire Character Study The Essay

Man Essay, Research PaperIn & # 8220 ; To Construct a Fire, & # 8221 ; Jack London expresses his position of the battalion of cubs who flocked to the Yukon in a haste for gold. It is apparent that he believed that these fledglings were excessively inexperient and blinded by gold febrility to last the trip. Like many of them, & # 8220 ; the Man & # 8221 ; is driven by his ain foolish self-importance to move irrationally and to non follow wise advice. Though his consience continually scolds at him, his ego-driven manner of thought supports forcing him blindly frontward. The Man is non merely representative of other fortune huntsmans like himself, but he besides repersents every individual on this planet. All of us, at some point in clip, pushed our ain consience aside and followed our ain selfish self-importance.

The Man was a fledgling to the land, yet when he was offered advice on how to last the rough conditions of the Yukon, he merely laughed at it:It surely was cold, was his idea. That adult male from Sulphur Creek had spoken the truth when stating how cold it sometimes got in the state. And he had laughed at him at the clip! That showed that one must non be excessively certain of things.This shows that he is driven by his self-importance, and like many other immature work forces, he thinks that he is so much better than everybody else that he does non even listen to the advice of an old adult male who has proably been populating in the Yukon longer than the Man has been alive.Fifty grades bleow zero stood for a bite of hoar that injury and that must be guarded against by the usage of mittens, earlaps, warm mocassins, and thick socks. Fifty degrees below nothing was to him merely exactly 50 grades below nothing. That there should be anything more to it was a idea that ne’er entered his caput.The Man thinks little of the utmost temperature.

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He thinks of it as merely & # 8220 ; a bite of hoar that injury, & # 8221 ; and nil more. He doesn t realize that the cold can non merely & # 8220 ; hurt, & # 8221 ; but it can kill.During his fatal journey, the Man is given warnings first-hand of the utmost cold and of the effects of his actions. The first is when he spits on the snow:As he turned to travel on, he spat speculatively.

There was a crisp, explosive crackling that startled him. He spat once more. And once more, in the air, before it could fall to the snow, the saliva crackled. He knew that at 50 below, saliva crackled on the snow, but this saliva had crackled in the air. Undoubtedly, it was colder than fifty below & # 8211 ; how much colder he did non cognize.But as aforesaid, the Man thinks about nil of the utmost temperature.

Besides, the adult male was given advice by an veteran at Sulphur Creek, who warnedhim to ne’er venture out in the Yukon when the temperature dropped below 50 grades. However, he goes anyhow. A warning that should hold shocked the Man back into world is when he foremost fell into one of the many springs that ne’er froze:And so it happened. At a topographic point where where there were no marks, where the soft, unbroken snow seemed to publicize solidarity beneath, the adult male broke through. It was non deep.

He wet himself halfway to the articulatio genuss belfore he floundered out to the first crust.He successfully builds a fire to dissolve out his socks and boots, and, one time once more, his ego takes control of him:The fire was a success. He was safe.

He remembered the advice of the veteran on Sulphur Creeek, and smiled. The old-timer had been really serious about puting down the jurisprudence that no adult male must go entirely in the Klondike after 50 below. Well, here he was ; he had had the accident ; he was entirely ; and he had saved himself.He goes on to state, & # 8220 ; All a adult male had to make was to maintain his caput, and he was al right. Any adult male could go alone. & # 8221 ; He still has non learned his lesson. Unfortunately for him, the Man does non recognize his mistakes until his 11th hr:You were right, old Ho, you were right, & # 8221 ; the adult male mumbled to the veteran of Sulphur Creek. The adult male drowsed off into what seemed to him the most comfy and hearty slumber he had of all time known.

Like the Man, we frequently follow our ain self-importances and turn away wise advice. Fortunately for us, we frequently get another opportunity, unlike the Man. All of us have either experienced or heard the narrative about a kid acquiring burned for the first clip. The kid disobeys his female parent and touches something hot and winds up paying for his noncompliance with hurting. But, unlike the Man, the kid learns from his errors.

He likely will ne’er prove the bounds sing anything hot of all time once more.The Man in & # 8220 ; To Construct a Fire & # 8221 ; is a victim of his ain ego, which was transformed into his worst enemy by his selfish self-importance. He pays the highest monetary value for his actions ; his life. He could hold saved himself had he heeded the old-timer s advice and waited for the temperature to lift or for a traveling comrade. But, he let his ego take control of himself and pushed all of the wise advise which he had been given out of his caput. The Man is symbolic of every populating individual in that we all normally learn things best the difficult manner. Fortunately for us, we frequently get another opportunity.

We should care for the advice and wisdom of others and intermix them with our ain cognition to make our position of the universe. If we could win at this, we would likely populate much happier lives.


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