Title then they allow your mom to

Title You wake up on a Thursday morning thinking how boring this school week has been and how tired you feel. You’re debating whether it was worth staying up late and studying for your upcoming test today. All of a sudden you realize that you slept in and must have forgotten to set your alarm because you are so tired. School is starting in ten minutes.

You quickly put on clothes, grab your backpack, and jump in your car. It is the middle of January and you are speeding in order to make it to class. All of a sudden when you are almost to school a car cuts you off and you crash straight into a snowbank when swerving to get out of the way. Pulling out your phone you make a phone call to your mom and emergency services.

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After the police get there your mom also arrives. You explain what happens to the police then they allow your mom to take you to school. When you get to school you realize that it is lunch hour and you have your test after. You feel very tired, worn out, and stressed about the situation you’re in. As the bell rings you go to your Spanish class to take the test.

The teacher hands out the test right away. As time goes by you stare at the test as your mind is blank like all of a sudden your brain is emptied out. You start slowly drifting off to sleep. You look up at the clock and see that there are seven minutes left of class. Stumbling to fill in answers, you quickly finish just in time to turn it in before the bell rings. The end of the day approaches and you come to realize why all this has been happening.

You have just been so tired and overworked. You have been getting a couple hours of sleep each night. With things such as studying and after-school activities, you have been staying up very late and waking up super early.

This can’t continue. School days should start an hour later in middle and high school because students need to get more sleep than they do at their age and students will do better at school.For sure, students require additional sleep than they already do.

Unquestionably, as students get older they struggle to get enough sleep. Most students get little sleep because they go to sleep late at night and wake up early in the morning. This is because of students awkward sleep schedule during their young years. Their brain is scheduled to go to sleep later and wake up later in the day. In an article that talks about school districts struggling to change start times, author of the article “Teens Need More Sleep, But Districts Struggle to Change Start Times,”  Evie Blad, talks about teenage students sleep schedules compared to adults. She states, ” That’s because biological shifts during the teenage years drive the need for longer sleep durations and later wake times, research shows. That means requiring an older teenager to wake up at 7 a.m.

is like asking a teacher to wake up at 4:30 a.m.” ( Blad 1).  If students had more time in the morning their sleep schedule will be better adapted and they overall will feel better during the school day. When students sleep schedules are not programmed to the earlier times, students are simply too tired at school. Certainly, students need more sleep in order to be healthy. Around age 12, many students begin to hit puberty. This is one main factor of why students are in need of so much sleep.

This is the main factor why students sleep is delayed in their sleep patterns. If students do not get much sleep during puberty it can result in many unhealthy results. That can cause a delay in puberty, as the body and brain need to be well-rested in order for puberty to come into effect. It is also healthy to get sleep because it helps students physically perform day-to-day tasks.

 Sleep deprivation is very common and is very unhealthy. This all causes students to do very bad in school. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported in an same article mentioned earlier, “Studies show that adolescents who don’t get enough sleep often suffer physical and mental-health problems, an increased risk of automobile accidents, and a decline in academic performance” ( Blad 1). Schools have to realize how lots of aspects of student’s health are being affected by looking at the studies that show how important sleep is. It not only helps their physical health, but also for helps them with any mental health issues. Without a doubt, more sleep will also help student’s attendance at school. It is very common for students to be absent from an illness. This is a normal case in many schools.

Getting more sleep definitely can help them avoid sickness. Lack of sleep can cause the immune system not to function as well. This means that students can become sick easier as the immunity system is a guard from getting sick. If schools change times it can help students be at school more often instead of absent because of illness. By shifting the start times to later, it will also help students be able to make it to school in time. Not only that, but it will help students make it to school safely because they will be well rested and ready to drive that is if they are old enough to.

If more students make it to school more often, schools can probably expect better learning results. Overall, schools should start later in order to help students lack of rest.Definitely, students will do superior in school. Surely, grades will improve in school. With more sleep the brain can be more focused and alert in the classroom. This will help both students and teachers because more students will be paying attention in class which makes it easier to teach. This will help students because they will be getting more of the information the teacher is giving to them.

This will definitely help students when it comes to test time. In an article that talks about the negative impacts early start times have on schools and positive impacts on later times, author of the article called “Homeroom Zombies,” Lawrence Epstein, talks about the positive results that later start times have on students. She reports, “The results have been encouraging: more sleep, increased attendance, better grades and fewer driving accidents. For example, ninth graders’ daily attendance rose from 83 percent to 87 percent and overall grades went up slightly when Minneapolis high schools moved the start time from 7:15 to 8:40 a.m.” (Mordan and Epstein). By having schools start later it can have a huge positive impact on the student’s grades.

Furthermore, Students will do better in after school activities. After school activities can include things such as sports, performing arts, creative arts, and more. By getting more sleep with later school start times students will not only do better in school, but also after school. Students will be more awake when doing their after school activities. You can expect to see better performance out of these activities.

Mr. Hamill, a teacher at a high school in the article that talked about how the implement of later start times has positively affected the outcome of sports at their school.  He states, “Some students, parents, and coaches also expressed concern that the later high school dismissal would cut into sports team’s practice time and thus hurt athletics, he said.

As it turns it, teams from the district have won the state high school football championship and both the boy’s and girl’s basketball championships this year, Mr. Hamill said. This is the first year in anyone’s memory that we’ve won three championships” (Tonn 3). Schools will have better sports teams as students aren’t as tired when they play. Surely, students will complete their homework more often. Students will be well rested and able to focus on their homework when completing it. Not only that but they will also do better on their homework, making sure that things are correct.

Students will feel less rushed and will be able to gain information from the homework. This will help them on their future test coming up in the classroom. Many students just rush through their homework because they feel too tired to do it and aren’t able to gain anything from it. To sum up, Students will perform better within school.


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