Time Management and Jo Ponce Dedication Essay

Dedication is the quality of being devoted or committed to significant others or a cause.

I am dedicated to my children, family, work and school. I feel that I must always put forth my best effort and strive to better the lives of my children or be there for my family. As for work, I must always look out for the needs of my co-workers and for the customers that walk through our doors. As for school, I am always eager to go to school and learn what I am taught and be able to apply the lessons to my everyday life.

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I want to strive to earn good grades and to learn new facts, concepts and theories. With my dedication to so many groups and organizations I have very little time for myself. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that I do not know what to do. Also with being devoted to so many people trying to give adequate time to all of them and making sure the project at hand is done on a timely basis and high quality.

The drawbacks of my dedication are heavily outweighed by the positive effects of my attitude and actions. Our society today has changed so much that one of the failings is the lack of dedication and self-responsibility people have for others and their work. I want to be a good role model for my children and fellow employees by letting them see that it is really important that we have self-discipline, time management and the importance of setting priorities.By doing all these things I feel a point of self-worth and gratification that I have helped have instilled in my children and co-workers morals for them to take with them in their lives and learn from being dedicated to everything and giving them a learning tool to use for the rest of their lives. Even though I may only get through to a small bunch of people through my daily behavior just like a stone being thrown in a river the ripples of my actions will have an effect through society.


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