Time Is of the Essence Essay

Bradley Prazeau Professor Kevin Dye Writing 115 1 November 2012 Time is of The Essence Have you ever heard of the phrase “time is of the essence? ” The first time I heard that was not until a couple years ago when my father first explained it to me. Basically it means that time is of the upmost importance and whatever you need to do needs to be done now before it’s too late. Once I realized what this meant I figured out that time is not my enemy, but my friend and that time management would be my key to success.

I need to better myself at managing my time because not only will it improve my performance as a student, but it will also help relieve stress and become more organized. I believe that having proper and improved time management is the most important essential to have while being a student. If you are someone who feels they are struggling in school and/or overwhelmed by stress and unorganization, managing your time more wisely can minimize stress and improve your organization skills which will help you defeat that overwhelming feeling. Less stress leads to a healthier lifestyle and better organization leads to a more balanced life.

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Not only will managing your time help you with these things, but it will increase your performance as a student which leads to a better education. Prazeau 2 I don’t know about you, but I feel organization is one of the most important skills you can obtain and bettering your time management can help improve it. “One becomes more organized as a result of effective time management. ” Learning how to manage your time will always leave you with a better sense of organization. For example, knowing what your tasks are and when they need to be done and writing them down (in a planner, calendar, to-do-list, etc.

is more organized than having all the things you need to do jumbled inside your head. Having things written down with a date and time that they need to be completed will leave you feeling more organized and will help you accomplish more. Stress is something we wish we could all live without. Unfortunately, it’s just a part of life and we have to learn to accept it.

However, improving your time management can help you relieve stress in many ways. “Again most of us experience stress when we feel as though we have a perceived lack of control over the events in our lives.And time management — being careful about how we use our time, how we portion our time — can enhance our sense of control. ” Knowing what your priorities are and getting done the necessary tasks at hand will leave you with less stress because you will have accomplished what was needed to be done and will have regained control in the events in your life.

“Once we engage in that process, then I think we want to try to set priorities, make lists of things that are essential in the performance of our tasks, and try to differentiate them from those things that really probably don’t need to be done. For example, planning each day or having a “to-do-list” will help you accomplish more and minimize conflicts and last-minute events which will lead to less stress in your life. Prazeau 3 Being the best student I can be is something that is very important to me and improving my time management will improve my performance as a student. “By learning to complete assignments on time every time, students will have a better classroom experience. ” Teachers will not only respect a student that does their work on time and every time, but it also leads to the teacher giving them better grades which means a better education.If you are doing your work effectively and in a timely manner, there is no excuse for you not to get the grade you deserve which will be higher than getting it partially done and not on time.

Learning to set aside time in the day for your schoolwork will not only increase your performance as a student, but will leave you satisfied knowing that you gave it your best. I don’t know about you, but less stress, improved organization, and a better performance as a student sounds pretty good to me. It’s all thanks to the friendly time management system and if you learn to improve it, you too can have all these wonderful benefits.Less stress will leave you with a better outlook on life, better organization will leave you more balanced, and an improved performance as a student can lead to better grades which can pilot you to a degree, a well-paid job, a big house, and a happy life. What more could you ask for? All it takes is a little time management adjustment, and all these perks can be yours. Prazeau 4Works Cited http://www. managementstudyguide.

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