Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Tim example in Charlie In The Chocolate

Tim example in Charlie In The Chocolate

Tim Burton has one of the most distinct cinematic styles in film history. When Burton was a young boy he felt like an outcast, he felt tortured and said he was probably clinically depressed and didn’t even know it. Tim burton uses close ups and camera angles to show isolation and intimidation and how he reflects his childhood to his films. Burton uses close up shots to connect with his audience the personal connection with the character and how they feel. For example, in ¨Edward Scissorhands¨ Burton uses the close up shots to capture the innocent prohibited love that Edward has for Kim. For instance , when Edward sees the photo of her for the first time it’s as if time stops and he falls in love over and over again .In corpse bride , Burton uses an alike concept. His close up technique captures Victor and Victoria’s true connection when they first meet. The close ups in Charlie In The Chocolate Factory are a little bit different. Instead of focusing on the emotion of love it is showing the emotion of isolation and pain , just like Burton experienced. When Willy Wonka is asked about his father his whole emotion and facial expression completely changes. The close up reveals that his past with his father is very emotional and painful. Burtons style is highly influenced by his camera angles to intimidate his audience. For example in Charlie In The Chocolate Factory the narrator puts a low angle view on the factory to make it look more intimidating than it actually is. In Corpse Bride, Burton uses low angle when victor and emily are getting married to show that victor looks very nervous. Lastly in Edward Scissorhands , Tim Burton uses low angle when showing off edwards dark scary castle. By showing us  Edwards mansion at the low angle, it is trying to convey the audience that the mansion is bigger and superior than reality. In conclusion , Burton has a very unique style that reflects on him and his past. Burton uses close ups and low camera angles to demonstrate isolation and intimidation that he felt throughout his childhood. Overall, Burton is putting a hidden message in all of his movies. He is saying it is okay to be different in your own way. In Edward Scissorhands, Edward was different , and in Corpse Bride, the bride is actually a corpse. It is okay to be different and to stand out .