Throughout the play due to Iago’s false

Throughout the play, Iago manages to deceive Othello and convince him that his beloved wife desdemona is not being as faithful as she leads on. Desdemona has always been known as a pure and honest wife and Othello was blinded by the ideas Iago was forcing into his conscious. Many of the characters in this play would never believe that Iago would mislead them because he has always been known as such an honest man. Throughout the play, Iago deceives more than just othello and causes havoc in their small circle. Only to benefit himself, Iago goes out of his way to deceive not only Othello, but many other characters as well.

Iago deceives Desdemona, Cassio, Roderigo, and even his own wife Emilia. Desdemona seems to be the main source of conflict in the play due to Iago’s false accusations and is easily manipulated and deceived by Iago. Being the evil villain he is, he uses Desdemona’s good nature against her to make Othello think she has been disloyal. He persuades her to plead Cassio’s case with Othello which raises Othello’s concern of the accused affair.

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Iago know that this will backfire on Desdemona due to the information he gave to Othello and he allows her to dig a deeper hole. Because Desdemona is a good person, she is more than willing to help Cassio because to her knowledge, he has done nothing wrong and Othello has no reason to fire him. ┬áIago states that, “For ’tis most easy th’ inclining Desdemona to subdue in any honest suit” (Act II / Scene III / Line 240) and by using Desdemona’s generosity, his goals will be easily achieved. This is a very immoral thing to do and shows how Iago has no morals and would do anything to get what he wants with no consideration for others.Iago plans to deceive Cassio because he is envious of how he became Othello’s lieutenant, a position Iago believes he deserves. We know this from his conversation with Roderigo at the beginning of the play because he says, “I know my price, I am worth no worse a place” (Act I / Scene I / Line 12). Cassio seems to have been a fairly good lieutenant which is why many do not understand why Iago would try to sabotage him. Iago begins his plans on ruining Cassio by pressuring him into getting drunk with the other men because he knows that he becomes violent and disoriented when drunk.

Eventually, Cassio gets into a fight with another man and each get stabbed. Iago runs to Othello to tell him the news of the fight and ruins Cassio’s reputation as the top soldier, which makes Othello extremely upset. This makes us as readers think he is unfair and only thinks of himself, his own personal gain, and not of others lives. He acts as though he is Cassio’s friend and is trusted by Cassio who calls him “honest Iago.” In the end, Iago tries to ruin Cassios status and eliminate him altogether. Once a loyal friend to Iago, Roderigo had the same intentions to split up the couple because he was in love with the beautiful Desdemona. Having knowledge of Iago’s plan all along, Roderigo helped him along the way and had no idea Iago would deceive him as well. Iago throughout the play makes a fool out of Roderigo.

Roderigo is simply in love with Desdemona and will do anything to get her to love him back. Knowing Roderigo’s feelings, Iago uses people’s weaknesses to his advantage and ends up taking advantage of Roderigo in his ultimate plan to bring down Othello. Iago decides that he can make a bit of money as he takes gifts from Roderigo intended for Desdemona, for himself which provides some motive to continue to deceive Roderigo.

Later in the play, Iago faced the accusation that he has not been honest or at all helped him win over Desdemona. Iago simply states that killing Cassio will help him and Roderigo, yet again, falls for his lies. This ultimately leads to his death at the hands of his so called friend, “Honest Iago.”Iago is so desperate to ruin Othello and Desdemona that he even considers deceiving his own wife which was all in his scheme to get revenge against Othello. Iago uses and manipulates Emilia by getting her to take the beautiful handkerchief that Othello gave to Desdemona as a token of his love. Emilia thought that by taking the handkerchief for Iago, something romantic and special may happen to their relationship.

Unlike she thought, Iago uses the handkerchief to plant on Cassio and add another element to his master plan that would provide actual proof Cassio had been with Desdemona. Nothing was ever in it for Emilia like she had thought and she ended up hurting someone she cared for dearly. Near the end of this play, Emilia learns of her husbands lies and is incredibly hurt that he would use her in such a way. Based on how each character was treated by Iago and how their lives were affected by him, we know that he truly only cared about himself and was capable of causing so much pain and havoc.


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