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Throughout the years, the importance of education has heightened rapidly. While manypeople have access to education (attending school and/or university), there are some peoplewho are not as fortunate. Women and children in isolated, rural areas don’t fully get the chanceto experience what it is like to have an education. As to why women face difficulties in receivinga proper education, there are many reasons.

An example of a rural area that has an issue with education is Kenya. Although it hasmade strong progress over the years, women who are poor are still not able to receive aneducation. If a man or woman is rich, it is almost guaranteed that they will have four years ofeducation, whether the person lives in an urban or rural area. Although that is the case, awoman who is poor and lives in a rural area is not as fortunate.

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In Kenya, compared with 14% ofpoor, rural men, 36% of poor, rural women who are aged between 17 and 22 have less than fouryears of educationTo attain a comprehensive understanding of inaccessibility of education for women inrural areas, the general status of women education should be assessed. According to the 2011global monitoring report, approximately 66% of illiterate adults are women. This is a clearindication that poor education is not only limited to rural areas, but also urban regions. TheUnited Nations Educational, scientific, and cultural organization (UNESCO) world atlas ofgender equality further discusses the major factors that impede woman education in rural areas.Within the factors that have been highlighted in the atlas are, gender-biased social norms,practices, and training programs and opportunities. Women in rural areas lack fundamentalskills such as literacy and numeracy which are essential when applying for even the simplest ofResearch Report | Page 1 of 9Dhahran Ahliyya Schools Model United Nations 2018 | 9th – 10th of February 2018jobs. As a result of these factors, women that live in rural areas are deprived from their basiceducational rights.

Definition of Key TermsEducationThe procedure of obtaining or providing systematic instruction, whether it be in a schoolor university.Human RightsBasic privileges belonging to all people, such as freedom from illicit torture, executionand imprisonment.FeminismThe equality of both genders in political, economic and social aspects.InequalityInconsistency or corresponding deficiency in natural benefactions.Gender biasThe act of having unequal treatments in employment opportunities (including differencesin pay, promotion, etc). This includes having expectations for a person based on thegender of an employee or group of employees.

BackgroundAs previously mentioned previously, women and children in rural areas do not havemuch of an opportunity to receive an education. While that is the case, many people do notunderstand the value of education, and the effect it can have on people who are not able toResearch Report | Page 2 of 9Dhahran Ahliyya Schools Model United Nations 2018 | 9th – 10th of February 2018obtain an education. This is all due to the fact that some women and children lack the basichuman rights, while also going through inequality.The importance of educationEducation is considered to be one of the most important things a person can have.There are many reasons as to why education is important. Some reasons include aspectsrelated to health, poverty and inequality.

Improving heathSurprisingly, education can affect a person’s health, making it stronger and lessvulnerable to health issues. When a women or child receives an education, they are lesslikely to be susceptible to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or AIDS, both of whichare sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to having people be more aware of thesediseases, a person who attends university lives about five years more than a person withless than a high school education.Improving the economyWhen the society is educated, especially with women and young children, the growth ofthe economy is a natural effect. Studies have shown that if a person get an extra year inschool, their salary increases by 10% later in their life. That results into having the GDPof a country increase by 1% each year, as it is providing an eduction for everyone.Economic growth doesn’t only lead to an increase in salary, but also to development of acountry, which can the citizens of the country as well.

When someone is educated, thatmeans that they are ready to join the workforce. Unemployment, which is connected topoverty, will naturally decrease if the economy continues to rise.Empowering women and girlsWhen women are educated, the empowerment that the women receive is unmatched byany other factor, both personally and economically. When a woman is educated, she isable to make better decisions and have higher self-confidence, regarding any issue.

They are able to acknowledge all aspects of a situation, one of which is taking care oftheir families. Also, educated girls are more likely to delay marriage, and only getResearch Report | Page 3 of 9Dhahran Ahliyya Schools Model United Nations 2018 | 9th – 10th of February 2018married and have children when they are only truly ready. This can result into letting themother be more prepared of taking care of her children, as she knows how to preventcertain issues from happening, such as having her children die from preventable causes.

Major Countries and Organizations InvolvedThe United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)UNESCO’s main objective is to contribute to the abolition of poverty, building of peace,sustainable development in addition to intercultural dialogue through education, science, andcommunication. The organization encompasses multiple objectives to help woman and childrenin rural areas; its mandate promotes quality education for rural women and ensures their accessto primary and secondary education. This is to increase women’s literacy rates and access tovocational and practical knowledge. UNESCO’s main concerns are associated with the key roleof rural women as owners of local and indigenous knowledge and as representatives of changeand community cohesion at the local range. UNESCO has particularly focused this byhighlighting on the communication, protection, and elaboration of local knowledge by women,particularly that concerned with natural disaster preparedness, climate changes, andsustainable development.The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UNWomen)UN Women works towards the achievement of gender quality and the empowerment ofwomen with the principal objective to enhance coordinated interventions, country-levelcoherence, and secure positive impacts on the lives of women and children, specifically thosewhom live in rural areas. UN Women is also mandated to fortify to coherence and dialoguebetween global and local intergovernmental procedures and operational programs and activitieswithin the scope.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)UNICEF is an organization that is committed to giving all children the right to having ahigh-quality education. There are some children, especially children in rural areas, who do notResearch Report | Page 4 of 9Dhahran Ahliyya Schools Model United Nations 2018 | 9th – 10th of February 2018have the chance to get an education. The lack of education can deeply serve as a disadvantagein future generations, as it produces a cycle of inconsistency and deprivation from the potentialof the citizens who did not have an education.

In order to prevent that issue from occurring,UNICEF concentrates on helping children who are most likely excluded. The organization’s goalis to not only give an education to the children who need it, but also tries to promote safe schoolenvironments and teaching techniques that can assist every child’s needs.Timeline of EventsDate Description of event1945 CARE (Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe), anorganization, was establishedDecember 11, 1946 The inception of UNICEF1953 UNICEF became a permanent part of the UNNovember 20, 1959 The UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rightsof the Child1970-1992 Primary and secondary schooling has increased in developingcountries from 38% to 68%1992 UNESCO created the Program for the Education of Children inNeed in order to help children who need an education2016 Save the Child, an organization, helped over 13 million children inthe United StatesResearch Report | Page 5 of 9Dhahran Ahliyya Schools Model United Nations 2018 | 9th – 10th of February 2018Relevant UN Treaties and Events• Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, December 24,2001, (A/56/576)• Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, December 18,2002, (A/57/549)• Improvement of the Situation of Women in Rural Areas, December 18, 2007, (A/62/433(Part II))• The Right to Education: Follow-Up to Human Rights Council Resolution 8/4, June 9, 2011,(A/HRC/17/L.11)Previous Attempts to Solve the IssueAs stated previously, there have been some organizations who have tried to expand theaccess to education for children and women in isolated rural areas. For example, in 1992,UNESCO has created a program for children who are in need of education, called Program forthe Education of Children in Need. This program serves to give children who are under poorconditions an opportunity to get an education. Often, children in rural areas die due to sufferingfrom diseases, or are under poverty.

Other children are forced into joining the army, or are soldinto sexual slavery. UNESCO tries to lessen the chances of that occurring, in order to givechildren a chance to have a bright future.Possible SolutionsTo promote the expansion of access to education for children and women in isolatedrural areas, there should be some actions implemented. For example, there should be publicschools built in these rural regions that are sponsored by the UN. By building these schools,women and children are encouraged to enroll in these schools. These schools would teachimportant subjects, such as math, science and language.Another method to solve the issue is to make a charity promoting the education ofwomen and children.

When people donate to this charity, the money raised would go toResearch Report | Page 6 of 9Dhahran Ahliyya Schools Model United Nations 2018 | 9th – 10th of February 2018manufacturing school supplies for the people attending the school. The donations made willsurely help women and children who live in remote rural areas.


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