Throughout and vital skills that I am

Throughout life, my ambition in terms of my career, has beenshared by both education and business.

Working with children and and playing suchan important role in their lives is a very honourable responsibility. The appeal of an education degree to me, is the feeling of knowingthat I am helping grow and nurture the minds of young individuals, and becominga significant figure in their lives. I believe that an Education degree willallow me to explore all attributes of the educational field, and provide mewith an outstanding groundwork for a career in teaching.

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 Since studying a Business Studiescourse, it has formed the foundation of my understanding of the business world,and I have obtained valuable experience and vital skills that I am confident I canapply in the world of work.  I completed two weeks of work experienceat the nursery I attended when I was a child, and I really enjoyed working withthe children, and watching them improve through learning activities. It gave me a great sense ofaccomplishment and a real insight in what it means to teach, and to reallyunderstand their thought processes. Working with children has always been adream of mine, as I remember how much I enjoyed school when I was young and howmy teachers inspired me through their dedication, and ability to makelearning engaging. I feel very inspired to share knowledge and skills, in which I was oncetaught, whilst also learning from the children that I teach.

 I am currently working full-time as a sales consultant in theSwarovski Flagship Store based in Oxford Street Central. Working in such a fastpaced environment has helped me grow as an individual as I have become moreconfident in myself. I have taken this gap year to work and to have an understandingof the work life ethic.

This is helping me fund myself for my basic needs andalso helping me be more independent. In my own time I am currently completing an online Make-Upartist course, as make up and beauty play a major role in my day-to-day life. Iam a self taught free lance make-up artist and I have been doing freelancesince I was 14 years old. Freelance has really helped me grow as an individualas it has resulted in me being more patient, and this is vital for becoming ateacher.  I have also worked in a restaurant overa period of 10 months, which helped me with my communication and teamworkskills. Additionally, I have accomplished 8 months of voluntary work for theOxfam Charity. Working within a charity helped me with my problem solving skills,and also my flexibility skills. I have also completed work experience at alocal solicitor.

 I look forward to the educationalchallenges I may come across whilst studying, and I hope to take responsibilityof my own personal and professional career development in teaching.


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