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Three (3) Ways to Help People withYour Cell PhoneCell phoneshave come to change the way of communication. Now from the comfort of yourhome, you can communicate in real time with someone in a totally different timezone, while watching them from your mobile phones screen. Some fifty years ago,no one would have believed this.

However, our mobile phones are not limited tojust communications. From providing us entertainment and information, tohelping us stay organized, and ensuring our safety, cell phones have become avery important part of our lives. Unlike years ago where having a cell phone wasconsidered a luxury, they have now become a necessary appendage. With a coupleof bills to spare, you can get yourself any phone of your choice. It would bevery rare to see a normal function adult without one today.Your mobilephones should be beneficial to not just you, but those around you and beyond. Ourphones can help others is so many ways than one.

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This article will show youthree (3) ways our cell phones can help people.Here arethree (3) easy ways to help people with your cell phone.       I.

           Save Lives: cell phones have birthedmHealth, which is the use of mobile phones in health care. With your cell phonetoday, you can connect remote villages with quality and reliable healthcareservices. In parts of Africa for example, health workers can contact medicalpractitioners to help treat and manage life threatening conditions which they wouldn’thave been able to do on their own. This can aid the health worker on the fieldto determine which patients can be treated right there, and those that need tobe taken to the hospital. In cases where an emergency procedure needs to bedone, the professional on the other end can walk the health worker on thefield, providing step by step instructions. By introducing people to thisprogram, you are saving the lives of millions of people.Youcan also use your cell phone to deliver malaria medications to remote villagesusing the SMS for Life program.

Using text messages alone, this program candeliver medicine to people who need them. Young people can access informationabout HIV prevention, as well as how to manage the disease.     II.           Act as an Intermediary: Have you ever found yourselftrying to communicate with people who do not understand English? It can be avery frustrating situation because there you are using everything on yourperson, making a complete fool of yourself and yet your audience still do nothave a clue. Well, thanks to our mobile phones, certain applications can saveus the embarrassment by translating for us. All you need do is type yourmessage in English, and choose the language with which you want to be translatedto, and you phone will say it out. The amazing thing about this is that it is atwo Way Street, meaning that you can record whatever language your foreign audienceis speaking and have it translated to English for you.

Amazing right? The translatorapps have saved so many people from making an utter mess of them. Thanks tothis cell phone app, you can travel to any exotic location of your choice andbe rest assured that you can communicate effectively with the natives of theland. This medium can prove to be very effective also in warning a non-Englishspeaking community of impending danger or crisis and the need for them toevacuate the region immediately, consequently saving the lives of thousands ofpeople.   III.

           Safety: Being stranded in an unknown locationand with no way of getting out is not something anyone should go through. Thereare a number of things that could go wrong, from getting robbed to much worselike getting abducted. Thanks to our cell phones today, we can now guaranty thesafety of not just ourselves, but that of our friends and loves ones. Today,there are a number of transport companies available on our cell phones thatallow us request for rides when we find ourselves in tight corners. With just yourmobile phone today, you can order for these rides, and you will get picked upat the exact location where you are. A great feature of this app, is thatsomeone can order for these rides for you and have the driver pick you up atsaid location, so even when do not have internet access, you can send a messageto a friend to place the order for you.

 The abovementioned are some of the ways by which you can help others using your cellphones, but they shouldn’t be limited to these. There are many more ways to useyour cell phone to the benefit of others, when you find them, make the world alittle better by utilizing them.


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