Three Hostels Essay

Many international postgraduate students usually choose hostels to stay when they combine some research with sightseeing in short time in Sydney because of their reasonable prices and good quality. However, students have different requirements which should be considered before choosing a hostel. This research report examines three hostels in Sydney, namely Wake Up (WK), Sydney Central (SC) ChiliBlue Backpackers (CB), and compares them with regard to their location and transport options; accommodation and cost; and facilities.

The location of the three hostels and the transport options are marked different. Wake Up has the most convenient location of the three hostels. In fact, located in Pitt Street, hostel WK is a 5 minutes’ walk to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and a short walk to the Opera House or Darling Habour. In contrast, it takes longer than WK from SC and CB to the UTS and some of the main attractions. Moreover, WK is situated opposite Central Station so it is easily accessed by public transport while in SC and CB it is not possible to take a bus.

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The three hostels greatly differ in respect to accommodation and cost. All of the hostels have variety of rooms such as dorms, triples and double, but SC is the more comfortable than two other hostels. It means that, SC offers en suite bedrooms while in WK and CB, students have to share the bathroom. However, with the price of AUS$ 46 per night for a person, SC is the most expensive of the three hostels whereas it costs AUD$ 40 in WK and AUD$ 35 in CB.There are several similarities and differences among the three hostels in relation to facilities.

The three hostels are equipped with necessary facilities including the internet/wi-fi, secure lockers, washing machines, self-catering and restaurants. Nevertheless, both SC and WK provide more facilities than CB. For instance, WK offers shuttle bus stops from the airport and free city tours. Also, it has a swimming pool, a game room and a car park in SC.In conclusion, the three hostels have their own attractive features. Despite having the lowest price, CB is the least feasible option for most international students because of its inconvenient location. If facilities are important, then SC is a good choice since it provides adequate equipment.

However, because of its high cost, SC may not be suitable for many students. As a result, WK hostel is likely to suit international students because it is the most convenient location and affordable prices.


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