Threats ISIS poses on the US Essay

They aren’t merely endangering they are besides following through have killed multiple Americans

Are known to be even more utmost than al qaeda if Isis isn’t killed and destroyed it will merely enroll more and go stronger

Isis could assail in retaliation if U. S does anything

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We still have non detected direct potting towards the U. S. ISIS hasn’t made a direct menace towards the U. S. other than the barbarous slayings. The land military personnels should non come from the U. S but land military personnels are necessary. The land military personnels should come from the topographic points that are the most threatened by ISIS. We have no menace yet.

Hello. this is a missive refering military personnels being put into Iraq and Syria to contend ISIS. We have proven to ourselves in the yesteryear that this is non an easy occupation. We will non be able to travel in at that place and pass over the terrorists out with easiness. For case. during the war on Al Qaeda we sent over 806 billion dollars and have had military personnels deployed for 12 old ages. We didn’t program on being in Iraq and Afghanistan for that many old ages but the Taliban weren’t easy to take down. ISIS has proven to be even more organized. powerful. and more close than the Taliban and Al Qaeda. They have taken over big parts of Iraq and Syria in a affair of months and have spread into other states.

It will be a big disbursal to set land military personnels into both states and possibly more if they spread. We will besides blow a batch more money if we send ground military personnels in. Continuing airstrikes would be more moderately cost wise and would diminish the loss in life. In the 12 old ages we fought the Taliban we lost 6. 639 military personnels. largely ground military personnels. If we go into Iraq and Syria with land military personnels like we did with the Taliban we will lose more military personnels than necessary. There have merely been 2 Americans killed so far and directing land military personnels in will merely do more deceases than need to go on. Equally long as we protect our boundary lines without deploying land troops we will be safe here.


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