This that in time of struggle, isolation,

Thisproject is a scenario about a new company’s activities of devising andimplementing a campaign to raise awareness on bereavement and promote thesupport infrastructure.  The message asemphasized by the slogan “You don’t have 2 be Alone” is to remind people, thatin time of struggle, isolation, is not the better option.  In fact the numerical character in the slogandesign aims to be a subliminal encouragement to seek help from a second source asthe healthier way to recovery.  Ananalysis of strengths and weaknesses (SWAT)  revealed a gap, within a demographic area, ofservices for people going through an existential crisis, thus in need ofsustain, such as bereavement support, hence the rising opportunity to set up acharity offering an ideal environment and the relevant assistance.  Design choices were implemented with an adulttarget audience in mind, and research was carried out via various focus groupstudy, people having recently recovered from the grieving process.

   Findings shows the demographics reflected ofthe area were mainly over fifties adults of multicultural backgrounds with agreater percentage of females adjusting to separation from children moving onand loss of spouses through illness. Design of the campaign has taken intoaccount psychological aspects of the feeling of loss such as numbness anddepression.  2 – Campaign Design Rationale Abrainstorming session was agreed, amongst interested parties, with the set goalto find a pertinent acronym easily reflected in a real word and its meaning andthat could be easily identified and remembered. The fictitious company “” was created and its acronym stands for ‘SupportOn Bereavement’.  Oxford Dictionary (2015,p.

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1481) describes the idiomatic expression ‘to sob your heart out’ as ‘to crynoisily for a long time because you are very sad’. Support On Bereavement is acharity, that offers support for any type of sense of loss and grieving, not merelyspecific to copying with the death of a loved one.  Activities carried through cover all supportfor psychological and emotional well being as well as offering help witheveryday life practicalities such as bereavement benefits claims submission tohelp for example toward covering for funeral costs.  Bereavement is about sense of loss. It is notnecessarily about death.

  This is theemphasis being put across in the campaign. This campaign has been designed to raise awareness about how thegrieving process might make a person feel isolated and vulnerable.  After selecting a company name the first stepwas to device the charity’s logo.  Togive a sense of movement to the visuals, the acronym’s letters would set as awave, a motion in contrast to the sense of numbness of people going through agrieving time.  Factors considered key tothe design was the set of colours to becoming a media representation of thecompany’s set of values, and as per demographic research accounting for themulticultural aspects of a community.  Ina first selective process all images have been researched from colour quality,sense of movement and image spacing and downloaded via the advanced searchoption on Google, ensuring the free to use, modify and share clauses wereselected, albeit not for commercial purposes. Another strategy part of the design framework, has been to use thegeometrical triangular shapes and angles signifiers such as the arrow, thestatue’s elbow’s angular position, the web’s geometrical forms, the bird’sangular beak and the text orientation all serving the two conveying messages,establishing a visual poise in the angular ends of the mentioned elements, ofmoving forward obtaining closure.

  Inregard to the printing expected results images’ quality is reflected in aresolution in the range of 150-300 pixels per inch (PPI) with a canvas totalsize approximate to an A4 landscape measures and not greater than an A3.  Also for printing purposes, during theediting process, the file was set to the CMYK mode.  CMYK is the colour mode based on the Cyan,Magenta, Yellow and Black inks, for better printing results.  On the other hand the file created only asthe digital artefact, e.g the web banner, has been to RGB colour mode, namedwith the initials of the Red, Green and Blue spectrum.  The web banner in itself could be set a alower resolution of 72 pixels per inch, it would be placed on top of thewebpage as a static header not to take attention away from relevant campaign(s)issues.  A key feature, required forstock images was the absence of mis-en-scene as design planning priorities wereto select photographs that would inject a natural feel to the campaign.


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