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This related to the focus of the

This arcticle is taken form the Journal Of EmergencyNursing            Volume 40, Issue 1January 2014WritingStyle:The writing style of this article is easilyunderstandable and easily readable. No spelling mistakes and grammatical issuesare noted in the article. But short abbreviation are identified that are reallydifficulty to understood for the reader and for the novice person .

Accordingto Steve 2015 Use simple words toexplain what is meant. Imagine trying to explain the concept to a layperson.Don’t use technical or statistical jargon. If you find you about to write ortype a word you wouldn’t use in every day conversation, stop and simplify. Useshort sentences containing only one idea in each.

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Split complex sentences. Cutunnecessary information elements and only include those data which relate tothe point of your paper. Do not include data just because you collected them.If it is an interesting result, but is not directly related to the focus of thepaper, it should not be included in the paper.Author:This study was conducted by 3 authors and theleading author is Joanne T. Moceri. The name of the authors are Joanne T,Moceri   PhD, RN and Denise J .

Drevdahi,PhD , RN University of Washington Tacoma. The leady author was Joanne  T. The author must be PhD and other corelaters are must be graduated and significant knowledge about research andmust be aware of all the research process (Trent University, 2017)ReportTitle:The title of the article consists of 10 words andname of the article is Nurses Knowledge and Attitude toward Pain in theEmergency Department. The title page of the article cleared the content and theresult and also clarifies where the research was conducted. The title page alsoinclude that the author information and institute affiliation (Epi Result 2015)Abstract:The Abstract of this study was clearly describingthe short picture of the study. The introduction describe the purpose of the study,in methodology describe the study design, sample size is about 91 nurse andtool of the study was questionnaire, and further description in the results anddiscussion.

According to guide line 200-300 words used in abstract and keyswords also documented in the abstract. According toEpi Result, 2014 the abstract must about 200-300 words and summarize the allconcerned aspects of the study and all the section like introduction, method,result, discussion must be consist of 2-3 sentences but the  results required more lines. The another majoraspect is that don’t mention the references in the abstract.Purpose/Research problem:The problem is clearly  and concisely defined in this research articleand the purpose of this study was to assess the knowledge and attitude of thenurses in the emergency department and their significance about the patientassessment .This article explored emergency nurses understanding of pain andmedication used for the treatment of the pain. The good thing in this articlewas that author is using general to specific considerations. According to literaturestudy the nature of the problem should be concise and of the size,problemseverity and use context form general to specific((Epi Result 2015)LegalConsistency:This article written in logical manner and followthe all steps by the author .Three steps conceptual frame work, Designstructure and Analysis structure are presented in the article step by step thatis good thing in article.

But the citation are not given properl;y on numbergiven and references are also not according to alphabet manner. According to literaturestudy for each research study three steps must be considered like Conceptualstructure, Design structure and Analysis structure (Hinshaw 1997)Litreaturereview:The literature review support and guided the studyin very effective manner .All the references not more than 10-20years.Citaitionsare not written properly only numbers are given and references are also notgiven in alphabet manners. The study analysis also supports the studyequilibrium and fully supports the study.

According to literature review the literaturestudy provide the new and old study gaps and interpretations, Also helping top resolvingthe previous study conflicts and problems,It also identify to preventduplication of effort ,provide new ways to discussed prior research, Locate your own research within the context of existing literature(Sage2014) Theorticalframework:The theoretical literature reviewhelps to establish what theories already exist, the relationships between them,to what degree the existing theories have been investigated, and to develop newhypotheses to be tested. Often this form is used to help establish a lack ofappropriate theories or reveal that current theories are inadequate forexplaining new or emerging research problems. The unit of analysis can focus ona theoretical concept or a whole theory or framework.(Sage 2014)The theoretical frame work is notwell organized ,acknowledge and justify the study that is on the staff attitudeand knowledge regarding pain in emergency units because no previous studiesresults mentioned in this study to discuss with previous results. Aims/Objectives/researchquestion/Hypotheses:The purpose of this study was to assess theknowledge and attitude of the nurses about pain in emergency rooms.

Thequestions used in this used was that to explored the emergency nursesunderstanding of pain and what medications are used to treat the pain ? Nurseassessment about pain level and opioid dosage. All these context are clearlyunderstandable and interlink with each other and also related with literature. The hypotheses well supported by the literaturereport.

Sample:The target populations are clearly identified inthis article and the target populations are nurses.the majority of theparticipants are white about 75.6% and their experiences are about 5-6 years. Theparticipants are selected form emergency department  and inclusion peoples are nurses and physiciansand exclusive people are rest of the people of emergency department. The sampleis adequate and inclusion/exclusion criteria is well identifiedEthicalConsiderations:The participants are fully informed about theresearch process and involved in this process. Nature of the process also discussedwith participants. The confidentiality and privacy of the participants are alsoguaranteed and consent sign from the people participant in the research.

The permissionfrom ethical committee is taken for this research process .The participants areprotected from harm no any harm occur or happened with this study to no RN belongsto different races. According to literature reviewthe study been approved by an ethics committee to prevent from the furtherconsequences and informed consent has been also taken from the participants. (EPI Results 2014)