This link between population size and carbon

This study showed that there is a link between population size and carbon dioxide emissions, but I noticed that the amount of carbon emissions people emit on an individual level were also generally higher among the countries that are more urbanized.

This applies to India and Bangladesh in particular, as they are still in the process of becoming developed countries and so have an increasing rate of urbanization. They are also nations that are responsible for the mass production of certain goods in factories, and therefore also release copious amounts of carbon dioxide. As they are still in the developmental process, laws may be less strict on issues that encourage factories to use environmentally friendly materials in their production processes.Despite population size impacting carbon dioxide emissions greatly, there are other factors that should be considered. The developed countries in the first diagram that have both a large population and are responsible for releasing copious amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere may do so as the people are more likely to have a larger income and so can afford to spend more on things such as petrol, heating and electricity, all of which depend on fossil fuels and can add to the amount of carbon dioxide emissions a person produces.With the first Venn diagram, there is a combination of developed and developing countries and this is also seen in the second Venn diagram.

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This can also imply that population is not the only factor impacting carbon dioxide emissions on a national scale. Countries such as Iceland and Greenland have access to hydroelectric power, which does not release carbon dioxide, and so regardless of their population size, the amount of carbon dioxide they emit tends to be very low.However this is not the case in areas such as Andorra or Suriname, whose low level of carbon dioxide emissions may be a result of the high rural populations. Such countries generally have less household use of fossil fuels being burned through electricity, which reduces the level of carbon dioxide emissions overall.


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