This know the meaning of the regulations.

Thisreport is consists the overview of regulations financial institutions and allsupervision in Malaysia.

In this report we will focuses on six items that we considerthat it could be the most vital things that all financial institutions musthave.  Before that, we must make surethat, we know the meaning of the regulations. In simple word, regulations canbe defined as a rule that all financial institution must follow. AsI mention before, we will discuss about six things in this report. First ofall, we will discus about the regulatory framework. There are three mainregulatory in this framework. Second are authorities and regulators. In thissection the discussion is about the nature of the financial institution.

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Thirdis about the banking license. Here, we will discuss about how a bank can getthe license and the procedure to get the license. Next,we will discuss about the forms of banks. There are many types of banks inMalaysia and because of that, we must know the task of the every bank. Then wewill talk about the organization of bank in Malaysia. Lastly, we will discusabout the regulatory development and tropical trends. Ourpurposes report to know that every financial institution must have rule thatthey follow.

Yes, we know that, financial institutions have the power to givethe services to us however they can’t charge the interest based on they want.BNM also want to secure the rights of the consumer. Beside that, thisregulations is also want to make sure that, the financial institutions have thebackup and to make sure the financial services can give the best services tomake sure economy stable.


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