This bureaus. The role of (NIST) is

Thismemo will cover three specific federal agencies and a current new article thatrelates to each agency. The agencies I will discuss in this memo are FederalDepartment of Commerce, Federal Department of Labor and Federal Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. Each level of government federal,state and tribal government have their own agencies.The first agency I will cover is the FederalDepartment of Commerce. This agency has many important jobs; it’s mostimportant job is to promote economic growth in the country by fair trade1.

Anotherimportant role is to promote and create new jobs through businesses. Also,another important job the Federal Department of Commerce is to improve theliving standards of all Americans. Commerce also has many different responsibilitiessuch as granting trademarks and patents for businesses.

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2 Commercehas many bureaus that have specific roles; the National Institute of Standardsand Technology (NIST) is one of these bureaus. The role of (NIST) is to supportthe united states industry and innovation; this can be cybersecurity or justsupporting the nations technological environment.3 Commerceis important because, it’s main job is to support U.S. business growth. Theyalso help regulate domestic and international trade policy; also the dataCommerce collects is important because, it shows if we are growing as aneconomy. Currently, the United States economy is boomingwith the end of the fourth quarter many businesses benefited from a strong endto the quarter. “Forecasterson Friday raised their expectations for fourth-quarter growth after the Commerce Department reported sales at U.

S. retailers, restaurants and websites rose aseasonally adjusted 0.4% in December from the prior month.

“4 Commerce collects datafrom each quarter to see how the economy is doing and what can be improved. Anothercurrent event is the U.S. Commerce wants to increase the tax on gas by25-cents.5 The 25-cent tax increasewould help fund the governments new infrastructure bill.

This would create manyjobs for the public which is a one of the most important roles of Commerce.      The next agency to be discussed is the Federal Department ofLabor it has a responsibility to enforce wage and hour standards. They havemany responsibilities such as regulate working conditions, worker’scompensation and employee benefit security. 6 The department of Laborhas the responsibility of enforcing 180 federal laws that regulate 125 millionworkers. There are many agencies that go with the department of labor one isthe Bureau of Labor Statistics.

They work directly with the department of laborby measuring the labor market activity by collecting and analyzing data.7 This agency is veryimportant because the data it collects will help economist know what theunemployment rate is and at what rate are individuals being hired in at.Employment and wages are currently a hot topic in America recently.In a recent news article the Trump administration is proposing allowingtip-pooling in restaurants.

8 This article relates tothe Federal Department of Labor in many ways because, it’s dealing with lawsabout labor and wages. Some critics say that the law would give the employersall the power over tips; this can relate directly with the labor department. Anothernews headline is an increase of employment and hourly earnings increase fromthe year previous.

9In this article it states that an increase of 148,000 jobs were reported lastmonth from the Labor Department. Also the Labor Department reported the unemploymentrate is at 4.1 percent which is a 17-year low. These reports were gathered fromthe Labor Department’s data.The final administrative agency I will be talking about is theFederal Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. This agency has many importantresponsibilities such as protecting individuals from workplace discrimination.This agency is very important for everyone because, it ensures that noworkplace discrimination will take place.

10 Another important rolethat the (EEOC) has is enforcing specific laws that deal with discrimination anexample of these law are the equal pay act. This law ensure that men and womenget paid the same if they both perform equal work in the workplace.11 This government agency isimportant for everyone on the work force because, it can be handle to you ifyou feel you’re being treated unfairly or being discriminated against. Discriminations and workplace violations occur frequently andcan be costly for the company’s involved. “Settlements from the 10 biggestclass-action lawsuits reached a record 2.72 billion.

“12The (EEOC) has been struggling to find staff to litigate the cases. The Increasing number of individualcases that are associated with the #metoo movement that will be represented by(EEOC). Harassment can come many different ways, the Equal EmploymentOpportunity Commission will fight for you if you’ve been a victim of harassment.

13 The (EEOC) looks out forthose individuals that have been affected in the workplace and they look toeither resolve the complaint but may file a formal lawsuit.Thethree federal agencies I covered in this memo are very important for the UnitedStates as a whole to operate. They regulate and enforce laws dealing with theirline of work. These agencies are very important to the government because, theybenefit the people and ensure that no one is treated wrongly and will fight forthem.

1″About Commerce,”, accessed January 23, 2018,


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