Think centrally manage resources or security and

Think Critically 1-1: Selecting a Windows10 Version for a Small Organization Master Motors has 18computers.

They are replaced only as necessary due to hardware failure or newsoftware requirements. No server is in place to centrally manage resources orsecurity and no plan exists to add one in the next three months. Master Motors mayexpand to two new locations in the next 12 months. Two computers have recentlyfailed and require replacement.

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The owner would like to also purchase threeextra computers as spares and for possible expansion. Which version of Windows10 should be purchased with the new computers? Windows 10 Professionalwould be the best version to use. Windows 10 Professional allows for the officemodel with the possibility available to use a database in the future.  Windows 10 Professional alsoallows for faster user switching and encrypted files for security for theircustomers.

The Remote Desktop and 64-bit version have the requirements neededfor 20 plus computers.   Think Critically 1-2:Dealing with Users who Bring their Own Devices to Work Gigantic Life Insurancehas 4000 users spread over five locations in North America. They have calledyou as a consultant to discuss different options for deploying Windows 10 tothe desktops in their organization. They are concerned that users will bebringing their own mobile devices such as tablets and laptops to connect totheir work data.

This will improve productivity but they are concerned with whatcontrol they have over the users’ access to corporate data. How will Windows 10help the company manage users who bring their own devices?  Utilizing Windows 10, corporationshave an operating system that now comes with security tools that make the BringYourOwnDevicea practicable and logical substitute to a firm and fixed IT environment.Through Windows 10, Microsoft has allowed end users and given IT teams themeans to govern and safely direct their users. Windows 10 has tremendouslyincreased security mechanisms in its hardware, data and identity security andmanagement tools to direct and control these skills. Let’s take a look at the Managementto control mobile devices with Windows 10:Secure Devices toinclude, Windows defender along with, Device guard. Security Identities by authenticationthat include Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello.   Securing data is vital toa company Management of allowingyour end users to work on the device they want to and giving them steady andsecure access to corporate resources using those devices (Comparex).

 Works Cited Comparex. “BOYD and Modern IT.” (2016):


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