Things Fall Apart Okonkwo Essay Research Paper

Thingss Fall Apart: Okonkwo Essay, Research PaperThingss Fall Apart: OkonkwoOkonkwo, the chief character of Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe.

AndCharles Foster Kane of Orson Welles Citizen Kane, both have value systems thatare incongruous with their civilizations. Therefore leting them to be defeated bysociety. These are two work forces with a great demand for acknowledgment. Their demand forsomething that was extinguished long ago. Okonkwos battle to turn out hisillustriousness in the face of those who knew his male parent.

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Charles Foster Kane & # 8217 ; s nothingnessthat must be filled. The grim chase of regard, power. Okonkwo mustconquer the image of failing inside him and his fright of impotence. Bothcharacters feel that their material ownerships can gain them the regard they& # 8220 ; merit & # 8221 ; . Charles Foster Kane is in hunt for something more simple thanregard, he seeks his life. The way that should hold been followed wasdramatically altered, and his life took a wholly new way. & # 8221 ; I couldhave been a great adult male & # 8221 ; he explains, if he merely had the opportunity. The pride ofthese work forces who have no mistakes in their ain heads, but battle to wipe out themistakes they know others can happen.

This essay will convey the value systems ofeach character in their civilization and the cinematic and literary techniques usedto amplify their presence in the plants.Charles foster Kane was a kid that was really fond of his female parent, as seenin the first scene of the immature characters life. Charles & # 8217 ; father did non look tohold any fond regard to his boy. Appearing rather nescient, we can observe the deficiencyof a male parent figure in Charles & # 8217 ; life.

This first scene is recounted in thediary of Mr. Thatcher. The adult male that took the immature male child off, and sent him tounrecorded in schools around the universe.

For the remainder of his academic life. In thisscene the supporter receives a gift from Mr. Thatcher wishing him a merryChristmas.

And cuts straight to a happy new twelvemonth, some ten old ages subsequently.Proposing handily, the deficiency of a meaningful childhood. This redactingtechnique carries the spectator rapidly through clip, to the beginning of Charles & # 8217 ;idealism. The movies secret plan is separated into flashbacks of the of import people inKane & # 8217 ; s life. Each flashback is in sequence with the events of his life. Thenature of each flashback is consistent with the storytellers sentiment. The firstflashback is that of Mr.

Thatcher & # 8217 ; s. He was the lone individual involved in Charles & # 8217 ;pre-adult life. Although non greatly involved, his presence is strictly in thecountry of fiscal facets. Bernstein & # 8217 ; s flashback focal points on a really positive andsuccessful portion of Kane & # 8217 ; s life.

Which is accordant to Bernstein & # 8217 ; s adorationof Charles. Jed Leiland & # 8217 ; s flashback is centered on Kane & # 8217 ; s downfall, and so on.Throughout these remembrances we slowly gather grounds with which to judgeKane. This grounds along with the cinematic techniques used, make a absolutelyclear perceptual experience of the character & # 8217 ; s interior struggles. The first happeningCharles & # 8217 ; selfish pride is depicted in a group of cuts with his new married woman Emily.The first shooting is of Emily being complimented by the charming immature Kane.

Theilluming in the seen is focused on her and she looks rather beautiful. In theshootings that follow, we observe as their matrimony easy dissolves. In the lastshooting of the scene, they are sitting at opposite sides of the tabular array, Emilyreading the history in really insouciant garb. This scene is the beginning ofCharles & # 8217 ; eventual failure. His reactions are so obscure we begin to inquire is ithis self-importance or does he truly non care. He so decides to run for governor ofthe province.

He tries to be every bit large as the adult male in the image behind him, hebattles to be what he fears he can non. Kane is so blackmailed by hisopposition, and given two options. Once once more Kane displays his pride and self-centeredness by taking to remain with his kept woman. He embarrasses himself, hismarried woman and kid, and Susan Alexander. Kane & # 8217 ; s determination is one which is seen asreally unusual harmonizing to the civilization in the movie. However he feels that he canusage Susan the & # 8220 ; vocalist & # 8221 ; to release his public visual aspect.

Charles has a greatdemand to carry through a nothingness in his life. There are many more happenings in the movieThat support our judgements of Charles Foster Kane. He forces Susan to go avocalist, even though she does non desire to be, or has non adequate endowment to be. Tothe point of her attempted self-destruction.

He even goes every bit far as physically assailingher. This is Charles Foster Kane, the adult male who can non love, even himself.Therefore he seeks the love of others. As the movie returns Kane image isportrayed in darker and darker scenes.

Till eventually he is reduced to a old adult malepopulating entirely, & # 8220 ; in the greatest memorial a adult male of all time built to himself & # 8220 ; : Xanadu.Kane is a adult male who believes in many things but can non retain any of his beliefs.He & # 8220 ; battles for the working adult male & # 8221 ; , for a hebdomad possibly. He stated his & # 8220 ; rules & # 8221 ;but forgot them about instantly. He found love but lost it shortly after.Charles Kane merely believed in himselfOkonkwo is a adult male of great strength and wealth. His values revolve aroundhis demand for regard from the members of the kin.

He displays animus andcontempt towards his male parent, and actively seeks to make a new set of values Tspopulate his ain life by. Like Kane his childhood base on ballss rapidly. He makes severalmentions to what he was able to make & # 8220 ; at that age & # 8221 ; , as if he were a workingindependent grownup at birth. Okonkwo considers his boy Nwoye lazy, and a& # 8220 ; adult females & # 8221 ; and makes no effort to develop a relationship between them. He loveshis girl Ezinma, but still wishes she were a male child, alternatively of accepting heras she is. When he follows her female parent through the wood with the priestess, hereveals his dedication to his household, but he continues to maintain them at weaponrieslength, because to demo love in a sentimental manner is to expose failing.

Thekin is obviously a peaceable community, and on the surface Okonkwo & # 8217 ; s household unitis seen as flourishing. The most open illustration of Okonkwo & # 8217 ; s inexcusableferociousness is the maltreatment of his married woman during peace-week. When to ache anyone wouldbe condemnable to any member of the kin during this holy period, Okonkwo doesnon believe twice. When he realizes that what he has done is incorrect, he continuesand takes out his gun every bit good.To members of his community he ever shows regard, because he wants tofarther his place in society. Yet within his household unit, he respects merelyhimself. His 2nd show of animus is when he participates in the violent deathof Ikemefuna.

He knows that he loves the male child and that is why he feels that hemust take part in the violent death to demo his bravery. It does non affect themembers of the kin, particularly because he was told non to take portion. Because ofthis we know that he is truly quite insecure. It is apparent that he is judgedby the remainder of his kin because his best friend Obierika tells him his sentiment.Obierika is Okonkwo & # 8217 ; s merely counsel. Although Okonkwo & # 8217 ; s male parent was lazy and indebt, he was really good liked and had many friends. Okonkwo is non the leader hewould wish to be. Like Kane he wishes he was, but merely by his methods.

Okonkwo & # 8217 ; sextremism led him to his decease, but it could hold saved his folk from theireventual extinction. He wanted to contend, but he was to weak to make it on his ain.Both plants of art described their characters in great item, by usage ofcinematic and literary techniques.

The movie and the book, allowed us to judgethe characters harmonizing to their civilizations, and non our ain. Both Kane andOkonkwo were really strong and determined work forces. They wanted something really severelyand spent most of their lives seeking to obtain it. In the terminal they both give up.

Kane realizes what he missed and he knows what led him to this life style. Hefails and will ne’er recover what it is he lost. & # 8220 ; Rosebud & # 8221 ; and the house in thesnow. A symbol of the life he had, the one taken off from him. Kane statedearly in the movie: & # 8220 ; I ever choked on that Ag spoon & # 8221 ; . The lone love he hadhe lost. Okonkwo & # 8217 ; s life deteriorated wholly.

Whether some facets were outof his control, he blames it on his Chi. What must be understood is that yourChi is you, it is your scruples and your inner ego. Okonkwo gave up hisconflict because he knew that no 1 would follow him. Each character paved themanner to their bad luck, and suffered greatly because of their beliefs.

In bothplants things fall apart.


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