Things Fall Apart Essay Research Paper Opposites

Thingss Fall Apart Essay, Research PaperAntonyms do non AttractIn Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, Mr. Brown, the first missionary in Umuofia, was a sort and respectful adult male. Not to state that Reverend James Smith was non, but his grade of kindness and regard were present in a whole different degree.

They both wanted to change over the doomed, all those in Umuofia that were non in the church. Mr. Brown made friends with the kin and & # 8220 ; trod quietly on his religion, & # 8221 ; ( pg.178 ) while Mr.

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Smith told them how things were in a rough voice and tried to coerce his faith on the people of Umuofia. The impacts the two had on the people and the church were exact antonyms.Mr.

Brown was & # 8220 ; really house in keeping his flock from the kin & # 8221 ; ( pg. 178 ) and learned from speaking to those within the group that & # 8220 ; a frontal onslaught on the kin would non win & # 8221 ; ( pg.181 ) . Because of this penetration he gained great regard with many of the high functionaries. Once he was even & # 8220 ; presented with a carven elephant ivory, which was a mark of great self-respect and rank & # 8221 ; ( pg.

179 ) by Akunna.With this earned esteem he was able to open non merely a town shop, but a infirmary and a school every bit good. He pleaded for the kin to direct their kids and all others who wanted to, to go to his school. At first everyone was loath to research this new option for instruction. Those that chose to go to Mr. Brown & # 8217 ; s school would non merely larn how to read and compose, but they would besides larn how to contend back against those that would come in and seek to suppress them. With this penetration and the sort & # 8220 ; gifts of vests and towels & # 8221 ; ( pg.181 ) from Mr.

Brown, more people flooded into his school. Mr. Brown & # 8217 ; s school non merely learn them how to talk and read in another lingua, but & # 8220 ; from the really get downing faith and instruction went manus in manus & # 8221 ; ( pg.182 ) .Mr.

Smith, on the other, manus was really rough and & # 8220 ; saw things as black and white. And black was evil & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; ( pg.184 ) . That unfortunatebend of phrase was declarative of ignorance and his attitude from the get downing toward the indigens of Umuofia who were dark skinned. Under his control, or one might state deficiency of control, the “over-zealous converts… now flourished in full favor” ( pg. 185 ) doing the church and kin to run into collide to head for one time and all when “Enoch had killed an hereditary spirit” ( pg.

186 ) .Once the egwugwu went to face Mr. Smith for the violent death of one of their members, Mr.

Brown & # 8217 ; s ignorance and discourtesy were revealed even greater than earlier when he refused to go forth the evidences when asked. Because of the repute and the friendly relationships that were built by Mr. Brown, Mr. Smith was treated with the same regard when confronted by the liquors.

Unfortunately, Mr. Smith still would non travel and esteem the wants of & # 8220 ; the liquors and leaders of Umuofia & # 8221 ; despite their kindness sing the state of affairs at manus. Although & # 8220 ; Mr. Smith stood his land & # 8230 ; he could non salvage his church & # 8221 ; ( pg. 191 ) and the custodies of the egwugwu tore apart the difficult work Mr. Brown put into the church in Umuofia before holding to go forth both physically and socially.

When the church foremost came into town everyone was really hesitating and distant to this new God and church. If is was non for Mr. Brown coming in first and making the relationships the church would really dubiously had had the opportunity to even construct a edifice in the outskirts of town.If Mr. Smith has been the first to get at Umuofia it would hold been really hard to construct any trust among the people. Because & # 8220 ; Mr.

Smith danced a ferocious measure & # 8221 ; ( pg.185 ) among the people of Umuofia, the relationship would hold doubtless been hard to make. It is unfortunate, though, that the people of Umuofia did non hold a pick of which missional, if any, they might hold preferred to learn them the ways of the white adult male. Alternatively they were stuck with two missionaries, one of which they liked to a point, and another that they could non acquire rid of.


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