Thick vs. Thin Satire Piece Essay

“Like bees attracted to honey of beauty. ”- Unknown. The trend of weight is controversial during the change of time.

Many men had different views on what kind of women they want. It was mostly influential on how most people liked it. Bandwagon was a big effect. Even today many men have different to the same opinions. Many men are also attracted to what is considered healthy. Many men have views as such in past eras where as some enjoy thin women more. It’s all about individual preference vs.

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society rather a whole or years at a time.To basically sum-it-up, evolutionary genetics and gender traits are selected for the survival of species and mankind. Weight gain was and still is a factor of demand. In the Renaissance era painters were most likely to draw fat women, for as they truly looked.

In the Victorian era, women were considered beautiful and healthy. They were more successful. Many men wanted to get their hands on them. Being thick was a sign of wealth and that you came from a wealthy family that had more money to be able to eat more than poor families.Men were more attracted to those types of women since it meant more money for them. In prehistoric time, being fat meant you were well being and had the ability to survive. This was important because it meant they were more likely to with hold a child and more likely to survive from illnesses’.

Many men respected that. If you were thin, it was a sticky situation where as if you were thick you most likely had the chance of getting a man. Looking back to Greek gods, statues showed goddess’ being thick with a figure of plumpness’.This was also a sign of beauty since many people looked up to the gods.

Going a little forward into a big era of time, in the 50’s and 60’s Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield had full-figured shapes and were well known. Fat chance was, if you were big, you were beautiful. It’s only in the last 60 years that this “Fashion” has been altered. Culture and society has informed that skinny is the new “thick”.

Thin women are considered rare and are valued. In the 1960’s a women known as ‘Twiggy’ introduced the trend of “skin and bones”.The name gives it away. Thin as a twig is good. In the 1990’s was when this was actually considered ideal.

The Fashion industry, businesses, and society introduced different types of media showing skinny beautiful people such as models and actors. Since it is seen every day, people think that it’s the way they need to be. This encourages many to want to become just like them because many people want to be accepted. Fat isn’t seen as gorgeous. Many people believe now that if you’re skinny you’re a lot prettier.

Most eating disorders were and are caused by this. Many women today are most likely pressured and given the idea that being thin is good. The definition of beauty changes within decades. If you are too thin, people look at you as if you’re sick and have an eating disorder but if you’re overweight you’re most likely seen as someone who would be found carrying a quarter-pounder from McDonalds in your hand.

This raises the question, “Is being beautiful really worth it? ”©


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