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       These tips are easy to do at home withjust a few ingredients. As compare to expensive and toxic skincare ingredients;I’m sharing these tips to help you save money, time, and your health.15easy skin care tips are given below;1-    Drink Coconut Water2-    Glycerin and Rose Water3-    Turmeric and Milk4-    Tomato and Lemon5-    Turmeric Powder, Lemon Juice and Wheat Flour6-    Almond Oil7-   Cinnamon Powder andHoney8-    Aloe Vera9-    Carrot 10-  Rose Water, Multani Mitti and Neem11- Grapes12-  Ice Cubes13-  Green Tea14-  Banana15-  Papaya1-Drink Coconut Water:Startyour day with 1 glass of fresh coconut water. Then, Whole the day drinkfiltered water. This is very useful for your skin freshness.

2- Glycerin and Rose Water:Mixingtogether both glycerin and rose water. This is very effective for yourskin glow and freshness. Use this mixer before stepping out in the sun andafter returning.3-Turmeric and milk:Mixtogether milk and a little turmeric powder. Make a fine paste and apply thispaste on your face.

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Leave on for a minute and get freshness and glow.4- Tomato and lemon:Lemon juice mixed with Tomato juice. Then apply this on yourface. Leave on for 5 minutes only. This helps keep face soft and glowing.5- Turmeric powder, lemon juice and wheat flour:Make a fine paste using turmeric powder,lemon juice and wheat flour. Apply this paste on your face to remove unwantedhair. 6- Almond Oil: Use almond oil to cleanse your skin twice aweek.

This helps keep your skin soft and healthy.  7- Cinnamon powder and honey:For removing pimples, make a fine paste with1 part cinnamon powder and 3 parts of honey. Apply it on pimples and leave on itfor 30 minutes.8- Aloe Vera:Ifyour skin is red and irritated use Aloe Vera gel to transform red irritatedskin into healthy skin .It anti-inflammatory and healing properties, and itpenetrates the skin easily to provide nourishment.9-Carrot:To get natural glow apply carrot juicedirectly on your face.

10-Rose water, Multani Mittiand Neem: Make afine paste using Neem leaves powder, Multani Mitti, and rose water .Apply it onyour face and leave on it for 30 minutes. This helps keep face soft andglowing.11-Grapes:Take a few grapes and this rub on your skin.This helps keep your skin soft, glowing and healthy. 12-Ice cubes:Take1 ice cube, wrap the cube in a thin cloth or washcloth and apply to pimples orirritated skin or overall face to freshen up tried looking skin in a shorttime.

 13- Green Tea:Greentea applied topically on the skin get brightening. You can make a tea tonerwith green tea by steeping the tea for 5 minutes, allowing them to cool. Thenpat onto your face, apply with cotton pads.

 14-Banana:Reduce fine lines and wrinkles with banana mask. 15-Papaya:Applypapaya mask to dry skin and leave on for 15 minutes. Then rinse with water. Youonly need to do this twice a week.

In this way, you get fresh and glowing skin.   


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